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pvc foam board extrusion machine

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Plastic PVC|PE|PP|PPR|Agriculture Water|Gas|Irrigation Pipe|Faux Marble Sheet|Foam Board Floor|Roofing Tile|Extruder|Extrusion Making
PVC Foam Board Processing Line with Professional Service
PVC Foam Board Production Line for Furniture
WPC PVC Crust Foam Board Extrusion Machine Line
WPC Foam Board Production Line with PVC Mixer Unit 1000/3000
WPC/PVC Crust Foam Board Extrusion Line
WPC Foam Board Extrusion Line   WPC Foam Board Machine
PVC Crust Foam Board WPC Foam Kitchen Cabinet Door Pane Wall Board Extrusion Production Line

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Name of Commodity380V .3P.50HZ




From extruder to stacker

1.automatic feeding system

2.SJSZ80/156 conical twin screw extruder

3. T -die mould ( L2450, W1220,T:3-25mm)

4.cooling calibration platform -4 couples calibrators

5.Mould temperature controller 2 sets

6.cooling support

7.eight pairs rubber rollers traction with

Trimming and dust collector

8.cutting machine

9.Automatic discharge and stacker/robert


20HP chiller


0.8MPA air compressor


SWP360 crusher


SMF630 pulvertizer machine with vibrating system


SHR500/1000 heating/cooling mixer

No Name Type Quantity Marks
1.1 Conical twin screw extruder

With automatic screw feeder

SJSZ-80/156 1set Equipped with automatic screw feeder
1.2 Electrical control system   1set Delta frequency converter, Siemens contactor 
1.3 Mould SJM-1350 1set Oil string device at die port, automatic temperature control
1.4 Vacuum setting die SDX-1500 1set 4-stage sizing cooling
1.5 Hauling off SQY-1400 1set 8 sets, 16 rolls.
1.6 Cooling bracket SJTJ-3000 1set  
1.8 cutting machine SQG-1220 1set  
1.9 Plate unloading device SJS-1220 1set  
1.10 Hot and cold mixer SHR500/1000 1set  
1.11 Crusher SWP-380 1set  
1.12 Grinder SMP-630 1set  


2.1 RAW MATERIAL PVC Add auxiliary materials
2.2 BOARD SIZE 3-25×1220
2.3 Line speed 0.2-0.8m/min
2.4 MAX OUTPUT 350-450kg/h
2.5 MACHINE SIZE 26000×2200×2900 L×W×H
2.6 WEIGHT 35t
2.7 Total installed power 185kw
2.8 Actual energy consumption power 125kw
2.9 Gas consumption 0.4m3/min
2.10 pressure 0.6mpa
2.11 Water circulation 0.4 m3/min
2.12 VOLTAGE AC380V±10%50HZ
2.13 WATER Industrial water, free of impurities, filtered, water pressure: 0.4MPa, water temperature: 15-25 ℃.
2.14 work environment 0-40℃
3.technological process
Raw material allocation→LOADER MATERIAL EXTRUDERT DIE MOULDCALIBRATION TABLECOOLING FRAME 8 ROLLERS HAULING OFF Longitudinal cutting device→Transverse cutting →transportation→test package


4、1conical twin screw extruder   
4.2Electrical control system
Frequency converter: ABB /holip /Delta/innovince frequency converterContactor: Siemens contactorThe control panel consists of power indicator, main engine on-off switch and emergency stop button.

Low voltage electrical appliances are Siemens or Schneider products, and the main air switch is Delixi products

4.3 mould
Regulating device with choke plug: 1 set of die lip. The upper die lip can be adjusted and the lower die lip can be replaced. Equipped with die holder with adjustable die lifting.The mold lip is equipped with a circulating heat transfer oil device, equipped with a mold temperature machine. 


4.4 Cooling shaping platform
Number of setting plates: 4 pairsSetting plate width: 600mmThickness of setting plate: 90mmLength of setting plate: 1500mmOverall height adjustment mode of platform: manual adjustment

Platform overall control independent control panel

The control panel is composed of power indicator, main engine on-off switch, emergency stop button, tachometer, fine adjustment button, voltmeter and power switch.

4.5 hauling off 

Rubber roller material: nitrile rubberTraction cots: 8 groups of 16 Cots

Rubber roller hardness: Shore hardness 53-58 degrees

Control mode: pneumatic compression, independent control

Working width of rubber roller: 1400mm

Move back and forth synchronously with the platform

The connection mode with the platform is the mother screw and can be adjusted separately

4.7 cutting machine

Cutting mode: Electric transverse cutting

Thickness of cut plate: 3-25mm

Cutting plate width: 1220 mm

Dust suction device is common to slitting

4.8 board robert /automatic board lifting machine

main parameter configuration of special plate splicer for plate

1、 Overall dimension of equipment: 6500 * 1890 * 2600 (5000) mm;The height of the saw is 1150mm-980 mm, which can be adjusted with the center of the saw, and can be connected with the cutting table by the bracket;

2、 Electrical system:

  1. Operation mode: PLC + touch screen, brand: Xinjie

2. Low voltage apparatus: Omron, Siemens, Schneider;

3. Alignment mode of plate conveying: stainless steel idler, idler Φ 60mm, number of idler 18, idler drive is cycloid reducer controlled by frequency converter, reducer model is bwy0-9-0.75kw, frequency converter brand: Xinjie;

4、 Lifting system: variable frequency speed regulating brake motor drive, RV Reducer rubber roller guide vertical lifting, motor power 1.0kw, reducer rv63-25, frequency converter brand: Xinjie;

5、 Translation system: servo motor drive RV Reducer, reducer rv63-10, servo motor model: 80st-0.75kw, brand: Xinjie

6、 Plate grabbing method: vacuum suction cup, number of suction cups: 10;

7、 Maximum stacking height: 1400mm;

8、 Maximum grasping weight: 50kg;


9 Maximum operating speed: 50s / time;

10、 Suitable plate size: 1000-3200mmx1220mm;


PVC foam board machine  Spare parts :Accessories list:

NO Spare parts name Quantity
1 Cast alumium heater for 1 zone 1 pcs
2 Cooling air fan for barrel 1 pcs
3 Spanner for mould 1 pcs
4 contactors 2 pcs
5 Thermocouples 5 pcs
6  heating rods for abrasives 5 pcs
7 copper feeler gauge 1pcs
8 die adjusting bolts 5 pcs
9  Feeding spring for feeding machine 2 pcs
10 Pe pipe for feeding machine 2 pcs
11 air pipe connectors 5 pcs

4.9  SWP380 crusher 

Moving knife 3 piecesFixed knife 2 pieces

Sieve diameter Φ 10mm

Large inlet 480 × 320mm

Crushing particle size 3-10mm

Output 500kg / h

Equipped with power of 15kw

Wind power 2.2kw

Overall weight 2500kg

Overall dimension 2 × one point two × 2.4m


SHR500/1000 hot and cold mixer 

High speed mixer: shr500 / 1000

Material and composition of pot body: 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel, with extremely smooth and hard inner surface, which is characterized by wear resistance, corrosion resistance and not easy to stick.

Pot cover material: cast aluminum

(the frequency converter controls the motor, with small starting current and more than 30% power saving.)

Cooling motor: 15 kw

Mixing time: 6-10min

Material of discharge body: cast aluminum

Unloading mode: pneumatic unloading

20HP chiller Parameters and configuration table of chiller of Qingdao cuishi


CONFIGURATION                        MODEL



Refrigerating capacity  

Kw 50Hz/60Hz

Power supply and electrical components   

(Schneider, France)

380v 50HZ

(Eastern Mountain)

Name R22
 The control mode Internalbalance expansion valve(Hongsen)
The compressor


Type Closed vortex type(10HP*2 sets)
Power(Kw)         18.12


          The condenser




High efficiency copper clad aluminum fins +low noise external rotor fan
Fan power and quantity 0.6Kw*2 sets(Juwei)
Cooling air volume(m³/h) 13600(Model 600)


The evaporator   


Type Water tank coil type

Frozen water volume(m³/h)

Tank capacity(L) 350(Stainless steel, external insulation)



Water pump (Taiwan Yuanli)

Power(Kw) 1.5
Lift(m) 18
Flow rate(m³) 21.6
Pipe diameter interface DN50

Security and protectio

Compressor overheat protection, overcurrent protection, high and low pressure protection,overtemperature protection, phase sequence/phase protection, exhaust overheat protection.


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