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Plastic Pipe Making Machine/Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line/Single Wall Pipe Production Line From China

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PVC-U double wall corrugated pipe UPVC communication corrugated pipe light and smooth anti-aging

110PVC communication corrugated pipe has very outstanding low temperature resistance

pvc corrugated pipe power communication pipe buried drainage pipe PVC double wall corrugated pipe

pvc double-wall corrugated pipe pvc-u communication pipe SN4/SN8 diameter 110-500 5G communication pipe

Corrugated Pipe Corrosion Resistance
PE Pipe Production Lines as The Drip Irrigation Production Line Main Pipe Used for Agriculture Irrigation Equipment
Drip Irrigation Pipe Machine
Drip Irrigation Tape Production Line
Plastic Single Screw Extruder Double Three Triple ABA Layer PPR PE HDPE LLDPE LDPE Irrigation Water Supply Energy Gas Hose Pipe Tube Extrusion Production Line
Pipe Extruder
Plastic Machine
HDPE LDPE PP PE Pipe Extrusion Line
Mixing Conveying System
PVC Dosing Feeding Mixing
HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line PE Pipe Production Line
HDPE Pipe Extrusion Machine
HDPE Pipe Make Machine
Professional Manufacturer for PE Corrugated Pipe Making Machine Extrusion Line
PE Corrugated Pipe Extruder
PE Corrugated Pipe Making Machine

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We are a professional plastic pipe equipment manufacturers,and equipped with a professional technical production team if you are interest in our products or have any question,please contact us as soon as possible,I will try my best to help you solve your problems.

Products Description

This production line can produce PE,EVA,PVC,PP and PA single wall corrugated pipe.Single wall corrugated pipe has feature of high temperature resistance,corrosion andabrasion resistance,high intensity and good flexbility. It is widely use in water pipe of air-condition and washing machine.

Equipment List

single screw extruder→forming machine→automatic shrink pipe machine → cutter

 Cooling System:water and air

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 SJSZ65/132 conical twin screw extruder

HDPE/PP/PVC DWC Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line /Machine 

 new condition PVC/PE plastic processed single wall corrugated pipe making machine / production line

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Machine head (can be made according to user samples or drawings)

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The material is 45# mold, equipped with stainless steel heater, which has the advantages of fast extrusion speed, uniform extrusion, and low head pressure.


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The material is 45# mold, equipped with stainless steel heater, which has the advantages of fast extrusion speed, uniform extrusion, and low head pressure.

the new molding machine

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 Performance & Advantages: The corrugated pipe line is the 3rd generation of improved product . The output of the extruder and the production speed of the pipe are greatly increased by 20-40% compared with the previous product. Online belling can be achieved to ensure the performance of the formed corrugated pipe products. Adopts Siemens  system.
1. The newly designed closed molding machine adopts a special high-efficiency cooling system for forming  modules, which greatly improves the cooling efficiency in the production of corrugated pipe products;
2. High-speed, high-output single-screw extrusion machine supporting a professional design of the corrugated pipe extrusion mould to achieve large-scale stable extrusion;
3. Good interchangeability of the module; the  forming module high density material, no light pores, long-term use is not easily deformed. Can customize various module waveform schemes according to the user's requirements;
4. Supporting automatic DWC cutter, computer control, accurate cutting position, stable running and easy to operate.


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HDPE PP DWC Sewage double wall corrugated pipe plastic extrusion machine line

PE/HDPE/PVC double wall corrugated pipe extrusion line adopts extruding and forming process, it has the features of reliable quality and high efficiency.Compared with other plastic pipe wall structure ,double wall corrugated pipe has excellent wall structure design,its low weight reach the lower production cost and improve the market competitiveness.

The pipe is widely used in various field instead of concrete pipe and iron pipes,because it has excellent features such as:easy connected and accessories installed,and quality reliable.

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