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PP stap band line

  • PP strap packing extrusion line

    PP strap packing extrusion line

    1. Installation power: 120kw, real electricity consumption 70% of it.
    2. Material: PET flakes
    3. Machine Dimension: 28*4*3.5m

    PP Strap Band Making Machine 4 Lines Extrusion Line
    PP Strap Making Machine   Plastic Strap Making Machine
    Plastic Pet Package Strapping Band Extruder Manufacturers PP Strap Production Line
    Full automatic single screw pp strap band extrusion line
    Pp Strap Band Extrusion Line   Pp Strapping Roll Making Machine
    Pet Strap Band Production Line   Pet Strap Production Line
    Pet Strap Band Line

    PP Strap Band Production Line
    PP Strap Machine
    Strap Band Machine
    PP Pet Strap Band Extrusion Line Production Line
    PP Pet Strap Production Line
    Pet Packing Strap Belt Making Machine
    5mm PP Package Bands Machine PP Stretching Straps Money Cash Banding Belt Extrusion Line
    PP Packing Strap Making Line
    Wood Packing PP Straps Making Machine
    Chinese Manufacture PP Pet Packing Belt Band Strap Making Machine/ Producion Line

  • PET strap line

    PET strap line

    Pet Strap Production Machine

    Pet Belt Producing Machine
    Pet PP Strap Band Tape Belt Making Extrusion Extruding Production Line
    PP Strap Extrusion Line
    Pet Strap Extrusion Line

    Plastic PP Pet Strap Strapping Band Package Tape Belt Extruder Making Machine Line for Automatic
    Package Tape Extruder Making Machine Line
    Strap Band Package Tape Extruder Machine Line
    Xdc-250kg/H PP Pet Strap Package Belt Making Machine PP Pet Strap Band Production Line Extrusion Line
    PP Strap Making Machine
    Pet Strap Making Machine
    PET strap band tape production line / PP plastic packing strap extrusion line
    packing strap extrusion line
    plastic extrusion line

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