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The hollow lattice board equipment developed by Qingdao Cuishi  Plastic Machinery is a special equipment for direct extrusion of hollow lattice sheets, and its products are smooth, beautiful, compressive, and widely used in many fields in the construction industry, packaging industry and decoration industry. By replacing the shaping device, it is possible to produce both LDPE hollow lattice plates and PP/PE insulated PP/PE hollow lattice plates for agricultural and architectural purposes.


PP hollow lattice board technology is equipped with one-time molding PP hollow lattice board equipment, mainly producing environmentally friendly hollow lattice plate box bottom plate with a thickness of 2mm to 6mm. The environmental protection box bottom plate of the lattice board production process has high compressive strength, folding resistance, waterproof and integral molding, and its process is simple, low cost and high efficiency, which is suitable for large-scale industrial production and transfer packaging suitable for fruits, vegetables, frozen seafood and other products. Later with automatic die cutting machine and screen printing machine, can be customized

PP polypropylene added filler masterbatch This material has special properties, integrates the unique properties of paper and plastics, and at the same time meets the requirements of green environmental protection, conforms to the human development trend and theme of "new materials", "new energy", "environmental protection" and "energy saving", making PP lattice board have strong vitality.


Through the correct positioning of the lattice board, the strengths and avoid the shortcomings, give full play to its unique waterproof, moisture-proof, moth-proof, chemical corrosion resistance, oil resistance, good mechanical properties, tear resistance, good flattening, good surface smoothness and good mechanical properties and other physical property advantages; In the production process to achieve zero emissions: no drainage, no exhaust, no slag discharge, control environmental protection from the source, save petroleum resources, reduce deforestation, the production process is a dry system for inorganic treatment, degradable, while reducing carbon dioxide gas emissions, non-toxic, with good antibacterial and other environmental protection and safety advantages; The price is cheaper than paper or cartons made of traditional wood pulp papermaking technology, and PP lattice board can completely partially replace plant fiber paper such as traditional wood pulp paper; In addition to the use of carbonate rock, raw materials can also use solid wastes generated by conventional mining such as coal gangue and iron ore tailings slag to effectively realize waste reuse and achieve the purpose of green recycling transformation in high-polluting industries such as mining.

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