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PVC Soft Garden Hose Extrusion

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PVC Soft Garden Fiber Braided Reinforced Pipe Hose Extrusion Making Machine

Flexible Colorful PVC Knitted 30m 50m Long Flexible PVC Garden Water Hose Cheap Price Plasto Braided Pipe PVC Fiber Reinforced Tube Production Line
Garden Hose Machine
PVC Fiber Reinforced Hose Making Machine
Wholesale PE Carbon Fiber Pipe HDPE PVC Corrugated Pipe Cable Protection Spiral Hose Making Machine Production Line
HDPE Pipe Production Line
Plastic Extruder
PVC Fiber Reinforced Pipe Tube Production Extruder Extrusion Line
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PVC Fiber Reinforced Pipe Making Extrusion Machine Line for The PVC Soft Pipe
PVC Fiber Pipe Machine
PVC Fiber Pipe Making Machine

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This extrusion line is designed to produce PVC fiber reinforced hose, the wall of which is three layers, the outer layer and theinner layer both are soft PVC hose, the middle layer isTerylene fibernetwork, which has good chemical and physical property. Itis mainly used for the transfer of oil, air,water,high pressure or corrosive gas, chemical, agriculture irrigation and building.This equipment is suitable for the production of PVC fiber reinforced hose, also known as PVC fiber reinforced pipe, PVC woven,reinforcing yarn tube, PVC mesh tube, PVC fiber tube; PVC hose, PVC plastic snake skin tube.


Product Description: It is made of high-quality materials and unique winding technology. It is soft and flexible, bright and colorful, with good pressure resistance, weather resistance and long service life. The tube surface can be more beautiful with colored lines. It is suitable for all kinds of garden watering vehicle washing, community mine, household cleaning, and is a good hose for conveying air, water, oil and other liquids and gases.

Product specifications: from the inner diameter  8mm-50mm, can be customized according to different requirements of customers (wall thickness between 2-5mm).

First, the hose production process

Raw material mixing, inner layer extrusion → mold forming → spray cooling → traction → winding (weaving) → drying → outer layer extrusion through die coating molding → spray cooling → traction → coiling → packaging finished product




1.Vacuum loader




3. SJ-65 Single Screw Extruder




5.Water cooling tank


6.Hauling off


7.Fiber Knitting machine


8.Heating tank




10Controlling cabinet



Third, the main technical parameters of the production line

1. Maximum production capacity of the production line 60kg- 100kg/h

2. Production line working speed 1m-12m/min

3. Production line pipe range 8-50mm

4. The production line consumes 2m3/h (excluding circulating water)

5. Production line gas consumption 0.1m3/min

6. Production line water supply pressure 0.4mpa

7. Production line installed power 65KW

8. The total length of the production line is 17 meters.

9. Power supply Three-phase, 380V, 50HZ

PVC Fiber Reinforced Hose/Pipe Making Machine

PVC Garden Hose Extrusion Line

PVC Garden Fiber Braided Hose Making Machine



1. High efficiency single screw extruder.
2. It can produce fiber reinforced brainded flexible pvc hose.
3. The diameter is from 6mm to 60mm, length as customers' request.
4. This hose is mostly used for drainage of light chemicals , irrigation in house, garden, field and construction industry.

PVC polyester fiber reinforced hose is a high-quality polyester pipe which is made of high-quality PVC plastic and is made of are inforced mesh made of high-strength polyester fiber to enhance its strength. The PVC polyester fiber reinforced hose (referred\to as PVC fiber tube) is divided into three layers of structure, the inner and outer layers are made of high quality PVC, and the middle layer is made of polyester fiber reinforced mesh.


PVC High Pressure Fiber Braiding Hose Extruder Machine / Production Line

PVC high pressure fiber braided Hose
1. Qualified hi-strength , fiber braiding
2. Constructed of three PVC layers
3. Resistant to high pressure
4. Non-toxic, odorless
5. Long service life

High pressure Fiber braided PVC Hose is used for conveying water, oil and gas under high working pressure in the factory, farm,ship, building and family. It can be also used for gardening, car spray washing, floor cleaning and other daily life uses.

High pressure Fiber braided PVC Hose Characteristics:
1 polyester open mesh braiding permanently encapsulated in walls of clear, flexible PVC tubing
2 Compound does not contain any known cancer-causing chemicals
3 Constructed of three PVC layers, it offers far higher pressure resistent capabilities than unreinforced PVC tubing
4 Mirror smooth interior permits outstanding flow characteristics, more beautiful by adding symbol lines on the surface of the hose
5 anti-UV, flexible
6 Corrosion and abrasion resistant with flexibility similar to rubber but with much longer life


We are offering the pvc high pressure fiber brading hose extruder machine /

production line.
This Line consists of main extruders,water cooling tank, haul off machine, fiber braiding machine,coiler etc, which has reasonable design, unique structure, stable performance ,easy operation and maintenance, constant production capacity, warmly welcomed by


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