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Plastic Micro Duct Cod Pipe Machine Production Line Micropipe Bundle Extrusion Making Machines Line

2pcs/4pcs/7pcs/12pcs bundles

This Microducts bundles extrusion machine is used to produce the new type communication pipe, called tube bundle. The tube bundle is made by one micro duct or more than one micro ducts grouped according to a certain arrangement order with outer sheathing layer. It can hold more conduits in the limited space.

This Microduct Bundles  is specialized in producing all kinds of silicon core tube and silicon core micro tube used in the field of communication. As the latest generation of communication tube, the application field of silicon core micro tube bundle tube is also very wide.

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110mm corrugated optic duct (COD)

Corrugated Optic Duct / Cod Spiral Pipe Tube Making Machine Production Machinery

What is COD?

1. Multiple Channel Cable Duct
COD is consist of unified inner duct & outer pipe. Its size & qty of inner duct could be varied according to customer’s request.

2. Cod=corrugated optic duct machinery

2. HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene)
COD is made of 100% HDPE which has high strength & strong compressive force.

due to its excellent advantages & cost down.
Advantage of COD

1. Saving installation cost
30 - 50% Cost saving compared to conventional duct system
(PVC Pipe + Inner Duct)

2. Available to install from narrow place
Conventional system: Big Trench (1 Meter width & 1.2 Meter depth) is imperative.
COD: 0.2 - 0.3 Meter Width & 0.5 Meter Depth only.

3. Quick Installation
- Normal Excavator : 1,000m / day installation is available (8 working Hours / day)
- Automatic excavator : 3,000m/day installation is available.
- Installation term ; it is faster 20 ~ 30 times than conventional system

4. No need to connect between manhole
- Manhole require each 500m or 1,000m without connection.
- No need connection for curved place.

Both inner ducts and outer duct of COD are made of HDPE with the same raw material, which is distinctive physical.

- COD used to protect fiber optic cables

- Unique design (Outer duct is spiral corrugated type, inner duct is straight duct)

- It is able to provide from 2 of inner duct to 11 of inner duct upon customer's request.

- COD can be delivered in long continuous length of roll from 300M to 1,000M

Name of Commodity




SJ65/38 high speed Inner pipe extrusion line


  1. 1.    Automatic loader and dryer system
  2. 2.    SJ65/38 single screw extrruder with 200kg/h  pipe speed about 20m.min
  3. 3.    Pipe die head for 25mm,32mm,38mm,28mm
  4. 4.    Pipe vacuum cooling tank
  5. 5.    Pipe hauling off
  6. 6.    Pipe cutter
  7. 7.    Pipe winder 1000m with 7 sets pipe diameter plate


1 set

Sj90/30 cod coating pipe line

1.Automatic loader and dryer system

2. Sj90/30 single screw extruder

3.Unload pipe table with 7 sets

4.Guiding Device with 7 sets

5. hauling off machine

6. cutter machine

7.JPJ-3500 big pipe winder machine


1 set

Technical Specification of COD Cable Pipe Production Line

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Inner pipe production line           

I. SJ-65/30 single screw extruder                      1 set

 This extruder is mainly used for the extruding of pipes and it is equipped with a hard tooth surface speed reducer, both the gear and the axis are made of alloy steel and have been processed by nitriding and grinding. The material of the screw and the charging barrel is 38CrMoALA with nitrogen treatment. The screw adopts special type protective screen plasticization panel, it has autoregulation digital display switchboard and a Siemens contactor. The temperature control meter is RKC made in Japan. Its main engine is frequency controlled and it is equipped with an automatic charging machine.

Main technical parameter:

Screw diameter:                ф65

L/D                           30:1

Rotate speed of the screw:      10-100r/min

Extruding output(max):         80-120kg/h

Heating power:               22KW

Main engine power:           37KW

 High-speed extruding Die head

 It is made of high-quality die steel, it has a high degree of accuracy and a long life-span. It has three coextruding flow passage and a spiral structure so it has the quality of high speed, even extruding and low pressure of the die head.

1. COD 110 mm inside 5 sub-duct ( 5 x 33 mm/28mm ) with PP rope 6 mm
2. COD 110 mm inside 3 sub-duct ( 3 x 42 mm/38mm ) with PP rope 6 mm
3. COD 110 mm inside 4 sub-duct ( 4 x 38 mm/32mm ) with PP rope 6 mm
4. COD 110 mm inside 7 sub-duct ( 7 x 29 mm / 25mm ) with PP rope 6 mm
5. COD 77 mm with Three Sub-duct inside 

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IV. SGZJ-75 Vacuum-sized Water Trough

This machine is mainly used for the sizing & cooling of the pipes. It is equipped with a vacuum air pump and water pump system used for sizing and cooling. The water pump uses the circulating water inside the box, both the supplying and draining of water are controlled by valves. It is equipped with a device that can adjust fore and aft, left and right, high and low so that it realizes 3D adjustment. The main parts of the machine are made of stainless steel so the quality of the circulating water is improved.

Main technical parameter:

Length of the vacuum box:          6000mm

Vacuum air pump power:           4KW

Water pump power:                3KW

Mobile motor power:              0.75KW

Cooling way:                    spray-type water cooling

SGPL-75 Spray Water Trough

This machine is mainly used for a second spray cooling of the pipes.

Main technical parameter:

Length of the vacuum box:          6000mm

Water pump power:                3KW

Cooling way:                    spray-type water cooling

VI. SLQ-75 Hauling Machine

This machine is mainly used for the moulding and hauling of the pipes, the hauling motor is frequency controlled and the transducer is Fuji made in Japan.

Effective hauling length:           800mm

Number of the pedrail:             2

Hauling speed:                   0.3-18m/miu

Hauling motor power:             2.2KW

VII. SGJQ-2000 Coiling Machine

The machine is mainly used for the coiling of the pipes. It adopts memental coiling.

Main technical parameter:

Output torque:                 10N.M

Coiling diameter(max)           φ2600mm

Coiling meter :                   1000m

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The cod pipe coating pipe line

II.Co-extrusion Line for the outside  pipe with five pipes

Unload pipe table           7 sets

Guiding Device( guiding pipes go into the combined extruder)   7 sets

Combined System:                    1 unit

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