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Corrugated Pipe Production Line

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plastic single wall corrugated pipe machine

1. plastic single wall corrugated pipe machine can produce PP PE PA PVC EAV corrugated pipe which is widely used as wire harness protective pipe for car and machine tool

2. equip with vacuum pump, the machine can produce washing machine pipe, air conditioner pipe, hookah pipe, wash basin drain pipe,medical pipe

3.mold transmission by gear

4. water cooling, wind cooling

5. car threading pipe / smocking pipe /shisha pipe/ air conditioner pipe/ washing machine pipe/drainage pipe

Equipment List







SJ-75/30 Single Screw Extruder



30kw motor


Die Head Mold



chrome inside


core bar and mouth mold



for each size nose


Forming Mould (60pairs)



40cr, Nitriding


Pipe Forming Machine



air&water cooling


Pipe cutter machine



Round Flat HDPE/PVC Plastic Bridge Prestressed Post Tensioning Corrugated Pipe machine extrusion line for Concrete

HDPE Carbon corrugated Pipe Production Line Project

(Pipe dia OD32-Φ200 200mm)

Corrugated Pipe Production Line1
Corrugated Pipe Production Line2
Corrugated Pipe Production Line3

1.1 variable frequency motor 30KW 1 set

1.2 motor drive (Huichuan) 30KW 1 set

1.3 specific requirements:

Due to the adoption of newly designed and optimized screw and sleeve, the extruder has the following advantages: high plasticization rate, uniform melt and continuous and stable production. High performance gearbox reducer. High torque, long service life and low noise.

1) Model SJ-75/30

2) Screw (Zhoushan)

- diameter 75mm    - length diameter ratio 30:1

- material 38CrMoAlA  - surface treatment Nitriding, polishing

- speed 1-75r/min

Corrugated Pipe Production Line4

3) Barrel (Zhoushan)- material 38CrMoAlA

- internal surface treatment Nitriding, diffractive grinding

- heating method Ceramic heating ring

- heating power 22kw

- cooling system Barrel fan cooling

- cooling power 0.18kw × three

4) Reducer (Guomao)

- box material HT200   - gear form Helical gear

- gear material 20CrMnTi

- gear surface heat treatment and tooth surface quenching

- cooling mode Internal circulating water cooling

5) Drive motor (Qufu Jinsheng)

- mode Variable frequency motor    - power 30KW

- variable frequency controller Drive (Huichuan)

6) Control appliance      - contactor Siemens

- temperature control instrument Delta

Corrugated Pipe Production Line5

The type diameter is 50-160mm, the material is 40Cr tube embryo die, equipped with stainless steel heater, which has the advantages of fast and uniform extrusion speed, low head pressure and so on.

- extrusion die specification: 55mm*22 with wall thickness 2.5mm , with moulds block 70 pairs

high speed mold for corrugated pipe machine

material: 40 cr with nitrating

mold quantity: 70 pairs

cavity: double size on same mold

5m/min Forming machine and mold for 55mm with wall thickness 2.5mm

The production speed can adjust with wall thickness and shape

Corrugated Pipe Production Line6
Corrugated Pipe Production Line7

Sbg-160 high efficiency bellows forming machine

- motor power: 4kw (Guomao)

- frequency converter: 3.7KW (Huichuan frequency converter)

- vacuum pump power: 7.5kw

- transmission mode: rack type.

- forward and backward movement: 500 mm.

- up and down movement: 150 mm.

- Fan Power: 180W (2 sets)

- cooling mode of forming machine: water cooling / air cooling

--Oil pump: 1

Qg-160 non cutting machine

- mode Non chipping cutting

- maximum cutting range Ф 50- Ф160

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