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PVC Marble Sheet production line PVC Sheet/Board Extrusion Line

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PVC Furniture Foam Board Production Line
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1220mm Plastic Extruder Machine PVC Foam Board Extrusion Production Line
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PP Sheet Small Making Machine
PVC Artificial Marble Panel Production Line Plastic Sheet Making Machine


PVC marble machine is applied to produce PVC sheet with hot stamping or lamination which has marble colors. It’s new type decoration material, comparing with natural marble, it has features of lower cost, easy operation and so.
Main features:
1.PLC control, good HMI, easy operatoin
2.automatic stacker, saving labour
Main technical parameter of PVC marble machine:

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1 Applicable Thickness range


2 Size of PVC marble sheet

1220x2440 or 1220x2800mm

3 Weight of one PVC marble sheet


4 Extruder model

80/156 conical twin screw extruder

92/188 conical twin screw extruder

5 Main Motor power



6 Output capacity


about 10 ton/24h


about 15 ton/24h

7 Length of production line





Raw Material

PVC and CaCO3 in powder,and other additives

Product width


Product thickness


Product layers structure

Single layer

Max Capacity



380V-400V, 50Hz, 3 phase

Cooling Water

≤20℃,≥0.3Mpa, ~15m3/h

Compressed air

2.0m3/min, >0.5Mpa

The centerheight of the line


Operation direction

From right to Left

The color of the line

White or Customization

Diameter of three rollers: φ450mm

Length of three rollers: 1450mm
Three-roller surface: hard chrome plating, finish 13 or more
Three-roller motor: power 1.5KW, three sets;
Speed ​​regulation form: Frequency conversion speed regulation, ABB inverter. Line speed: 0.2-1 meters per minute:
The wall thickness of one side of the roller is 28mm, and the high-quality alloy seamless steel pipe is used. The roller surface is precisely ground after quenching treatment, and the surface is plated with hard chrome.
The three-roller frame is vertical, and the three-roller distance adjustment mechanism is a worm gear and a worm. Screw mechanism, electric adjustment, and both ends can be synchronized or adjusted independently, the adjustment range is 0-40mm. The motor power is 0.75kw.
The three-roller frame has four individually adjustable walking wheels for easy height and level adjustment

The three rollers are independently driven, and the frequency conversion motor power is 1.5Kw/unit. The three rollers and the tractor can be adjusted separately or synchronously. The three-roller debugging reducer is F series parallel shaft helical gear series, originating in Hangzhou Yingtai



According to the formula, add different raw materials to the high-speed mixer to mix, then plasticize and extrude through the extrusion molding machine, and then form the whole by the three-roll calender molding unit, and coat the surface with a layer of polymer with marble lines. The film or thermal transfer process is used to print the marble pattern on the surface, and then the finished substrate is accurately cut by a cutting machine.

2. Put the finished substrate from the previous production line into the UV equipment to apply the UV paint, and then dry and cure it through z ultraviolet light to treat the surface. The treated board has bright color, strong visual impact, abrasion
resistance, strong chemical resistance, long service life, no color change, and easy cleaning.


Die and mold for PVC marble sheet extrusion line
Width: 1220mm
Thickness: 1-8mm
T type mold
die heating by electricity
thickness adjustable
Three roller calendaring machine for PVC stone marble sheet extrusion line

The roller diameter: 400mm,
length: 1450mm,
the roller is bilayer structure
roller control: separately control


Cooling bracket for the PVC stone marble sheet extrusion line

length: 5-8 meters
Cooling by: nature cooling
support rollers: stainless steel
structure: oblique


PVC Artificial Marble Stone Board Marble Sheet Making Machine Production Line

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