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PP Sheet Line

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PP Sheet Producing Line

PP Sheet Producing Line1 PP Sheet Producing Line2

PP/PE embossed extrudeuse plastic sheet line maquinaria making machine mashinery for plastic materials

SJ90 SJ120 SJ150 PP/PE sheet  production line with 0.2-1mm thickness and 1220mm production width (with 250-500kg/h output)

PP Sheet Producing Line3 PP Sheet Producing Line4 PP Sheet Producing Line5

Parameters of production line:

  1. Powder: 380v/3p/50hz
  2. Output: 200~250kg/h
  3. Total water consumption: 8M3/h
  4. Total gas consumption: 1M3/h
  5. Total power consumption: 175KW
  6. Total installation power: 220KW
  7. Floor space: 20000MM(L) X 2500MM(W) X 3200MM(H)
  8. Machine list:

SJ90/33 single screw extruder                    one set

Automatic Hydraulic Quick Screen Changer        one set

T-die mould                                    one set

Three roller Calender                            one set

Bracket and Haul-off machine                    one set

Cutter                                         one set

Double position winding machine                 one set

PP Sheet Producing Line6

Model SJ-90/33
Extrude central height 1000mm
Max. output 300kg/h
High efficiency screw
Diameter 90mm
L/D 33:1
Material 38CrMoAlA
Surface Treatment Nitrided and Polished
Screw rotation speed 20~116r/min
Barrel screw High-speed new design screw , tornillo de alta velocidad Nuevo diseno
Material 38CrMoAlA
Inner Surface treatment Nitrided, ground
Heating method By ceramic
Heating control zones 6zones
Heating power 36KW
Cooling system By blower fan
Cooling zones 6zones
Cooling power 0.25KW*6
Material of the house QT200
Gear type Helical gears
Material of the gear 20CrMnTi
Heat treatment of the gear surface Quenching

PP Sheet Producing Line7

T-die mould                One set

Performance features:

PP Sheet Producing Line8

Coated with chrome & polished

Alloyed mould steel material

Casting Alluminium heating band

2.1 Valid of Width of mould   mm 1220
2.2 Sheet thickness Min. mm 0.2
Max. mm 1.0
2.3 including Die head

Die pain

Die bushing

Heating band

& support trolley


4. Three roller Calender and side cutter           One set

Performance features:

PP Sheet Producing Line9 PP Sheet Producing Line10

With emergency stop

Adjusting method the roller space: Pneumatic adjusting

Temp-regulating of roller: water-heating and cooling

Blade method side cutting

Low energy consumption

Low noise design

Product Width   mm 1220
Ready products thickness, or gap Min. mm 0.2
Max. mm 1.0
Roller diameter Upper roller, sup mm Ø400
Middle roller, med mm Ø400
Bottom roller, inf mm Ø315
Roller length   mm 1300
The thickness of chrome surface   mm 0.1- 0.12
Surface chrome conditions   class 12
No. of rollers   Pcs 3
Max. Linear speed   m/min 15
Driving motor power   kw 2.2
Driving motor quantity   Pcs 3
Moving motor power   kw 0.75
Max. elevating dist. Of upper

or bottom roller

  mm 50

Cutter              One set

Performance features:

PP Sheet Producing Line11

The machine is manufactured according to EU Norms.

Adjustable machine leveling feet.

With emergency stop.

Low energy consumption.

Low noise design.

Method Balde cutting    
Thickness of the sheet Min mm 0.2
Max. mm 1.0
Width of the sheet   mm 1220
Method Electric    

7. Double position winding machine           One set

Performance features:

PP Sheet Producing Line12

With emergency stop

Low energy consumption.

Low noise design.

Max. winding diameter   Mm 800
Diameter of take-up core   Mm Ø76
Take-up width   Mm 1300
Take-up linear speed   m/min 0-23
Take-up motor torque, Nuevo diseno   n.m 10
Turning-over motor power   kw 0.75
Dia. of guide roller   Mm Ø70
Quantity of roller   Pcs 2
Length of guide roller   mm 1300
Working method Pneumatic    

PP Sheet Producing Line13 PP Sheet Producing Line14

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