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Corrugated Pipe Extruder

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63-160mm pe pvc double wall corrugated pipe line

We have 24 years experience to make the plastic corrugated pipe line

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63-160mm pe pvc double wall corrugated pipe line

We have 24 years experience to make the plastic corrugated pipe line

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High Speed PP PE PVC PA Corrugated Pipe Production Line Cable Conduit Corrugation Hose Extrusion Line
PP-R/PE-Rt/PE Pipe Production Line
PP-R/PE-Rt/PE Pipe Plastic Production Line
High Speed Extrusion PP PVC PE Plastic Corrugated Pipe Tube Production Line   Extruder
PVC Bellows Conduit Tube Vacuum Tube PE Corrugated Pipe Extruder Extrusion Machine Production Line
Pipe Production Line Plastic Pipe Extruder
PVC PE PP HDPE Pipe Plastic Corrugated Tube Machine Pipe Extrusion Line with PLC Control System
Plastic Corrugated Pipe Plastics Makes Extruders
PVC PP PE Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Machine
Plastic PE PP PVC Pipe Single Wall Corrugated Extrusion Line
Corrugated Pipe Extruder
PA/PVC/PE/PP Single-Wall/Double-Wall Corrugated/Wavy Tube Plastic Pipe Machine/Bellows Extrusion Line
HDPE Spiral Winding Corrugated Pipes Extrusion Lines


PE Vacuum Cleaner Corrugated Pipe Production Line
Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line
PVC Corrugated Pipe Production Line
Plastic PVC PP PE High Speed Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Hose Tube Extrusion Production Line
Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line
PP PE PVC Corrugated Pipe Machine Production Line
Plastic Machinery
PVC PP PE Corrugated Pipe Machine Line
Large Diameter PP PE Pert PPR Plastic Pipe Hot Cool Water Corrugated Tube Machinery Production Line
PE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Clading PE Layer Production Line with Single Screw Extruder
Corrugated Pipe Tube Extrusion Line


We adopt the sj75 /30 30kw as the out layers corrugated pipe line and the sj45 or sj50 single screw extruder as the inner layers corrugated pipe line

With auto loader and dryer system 


The vacuum calibration table adopt the air and water cooling ways to make the corrugated pipe line with 7.5kw vacuum pump and 7,5kw air compressor and we adopt the air cylinder to protect the mould and the mould plate we use the 40cr and by polishing and nitriding

The mould material is 40cr and mould length is 103.62mm ( 38 pairs ) and 75.36mm ( 54pairs ) and 66mm ( 60 pairs ) according to the corrugated sample and wave crest shape

The calibration table weight is more than 3000kg 


The pipe hook knife hole punch machine

We can make the corrugated pipe hole punch from diameter 50-160mm

If the pipe wave is the same and no need to change the wheels

Our design hook type has scales and the depth of punching can be adjusted 


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