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PE PP pelletizing line

Short Description:


Plastic pelletizing granulator machine is used to recycle various kinds of plastic products and make plastic into granules to recover the plastic and suit for making products again.

We’re very professional manufacturer of plastic recycling machinery, and We have been working in this industry for over than 15 years, We have developed many different kinds of plastic granulators for different material, such like PP PE PVC PET PC ABS EPE EPS, Printed and non-printed PE, PP film, multi-layered film, shrink film, stretch film, PE and EPE foam, Thermoformed PS, PP, Soft irrigation pipe, Pre-shredded regrind, Washed and dried film flakes from washing line,Hard Plastic Regrind, Washed Material, Granules, HDPE-milk-bottles etc. And adopt different feeding ways for rigid flakes and for soft fluffy scraps. Output capacity will be from 100KG/H up to 1000kg/H.

Product Detail

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PP PE film water ring pelletizer Line

SJ120 pp, pe pelletizer line


1.Auto feeder with hopper



2. SJ120/30 Extruding machine



3.High speed screen exchanger



4.Water ring pelletizing machine



5. Dewater machine



6. Vibrator sieve



7.Air blower



8. silo



9. Control cabinet


PP water ring pelletizing line1

300kg/hour PE PP Pelletizing line

General description:

1、Process material : Crushed PE,PP film or craps

2、Extruder Model: SJ120/30

3、production capacity : 300kg/hour

4、Pelletizing ways : Water-ring pelletizing way

5、Power supply: 3Phase/380V/50Hz

PART I Flow chart of PE PP pelletizing line

The process flow of PE PP pelletizing line as following:

Screw feeder →auto loader→ SJ120/30 Extruding system →High speed screen exchanging→ High speed screen exchanging and Mold → water pelletizing machine→ Dewater machine→ Vibrator sieve → air blower system → Silo

Part III Specification for each equipment 

B.1 screw feeder                                         1 set

1.    Effective Conveying Part: 3500mm;

2.    Motor Power: 1.5KW

3.    Diameter of screw feeder: 380mm

4.  The material of screw feeder: stainless steel 304

B.2 Extruding Machine                                     1 set

1.    Screw Diameter: φ120mm

2.    Motor Power: 75kw, AC Motor

3.    L/D: 30:1

4.  Material of screw: 38CrMoAl

5.  Screw barrel: 6kw×8 heating zone

6.  Vacuum venting system: 1 section

7.  The power of vacuum pump: 2.2kw

8.  The gear box: special hard gear reducer: 

B.3 High speed Screen exchanging                          1 set

1. No stop Hydraulic oil station device: 2.2kw

2. The time for changed Net<2 seconds

3. The system pressure: 16Mpa

4. Material: 40Cr

B.4 Water ring Pelletizing Machine                        1set

PP water ring pelletizing line2
PP water ring pelletizing line3
PP water ring pelletizing line4

1. The material of the blade: SKD-11

2. The power of the motor for granulating machine: 1.5kw

3. The palletizing speed: best brand in china Inverter Frequency conversion.

4. Rotate Speed: 1400rpm

5. The material contact with the material: stainless steel 304

B.5 Dewater Machine                        1set

1.    Power: 5.5kw

2.    Rotate Speed: 1450rpm

3.    Adopt down drainage         

4.  The material contact with the material: stainless steel 304

5.  Power of water pump: 2.2kw, it is recycling the water for water-ring pelletizing head

B.6 Vibrating sieve                       1set

1.    The Power of the vibrating motor: 0.22kw

2.  The material contact with the material: stainless steel 304

3.  The machine is used to separate the un-normal shape of PP/PE pellet

4.  The capacity: 300kg/hour

B.7 Air blower system                                    1 set

1.    The power of the air motor: 4kw

2.    The diameter of the pipe: 114mm

3.  The material of the pipe: stainless steel

B.8 Silo                               1set

1.    Volume: 1.5 m3

2.  The material of storage: stainless steel 304

B.12 Control cabinet for the whole line                            1set

Siemens Contactor, RKC temperature control instrument, Made in Japan, Inverter Made in china best brand. Automatic warming system for power overflow and pressure overflow on the extruder.

PP water ring pelletizing line5

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