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PVC Pipe Production Machines

Short Description:

New Factory Price Made in China 20-75 PVC Pipe Extruder
PVC Pipe Extruder  PVC Pipe Line
PVC Pipe Extruder for Producing Water Pipe and Electrical Cable Conduit Pipe
Plastic Machinery   PVC Pipe Production Line
PVC Pipe Extrusion Conical Twin Screw Extruder
PVC Pipe Machine     Conical Twin Screw Extruder
PVC Pipe Machine Plastic Recycling Twin-Screw Extruder

Plastic Extruder
Plastic HDPE PP PVC Corrugated Pipe Hose Duct Extrusion Line Kitchen Water Sewage Tube Making Machine Extruder
Pipe Production Line   Plastic Pipe Extruder
HDPE/PP/PVC Square/Rectangular/Special-Shaped Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Machine/Dwc Bellows Extruder

Product Detail

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General description:

1、Product size: OD: 110mm-400mm

2、Main Material:PVC powder, Caco3 and chemical additives

3、Cooling water temperature: 10-15℃, Air pressure: > 0.6Mpa

4、Electric power supply: 380V 50HZ 3phase, voltage and frequency according to customer’s request

5、Production flow:


6. Production occupied area: see layout drawings

7. Voltage and frequency: according to customer’s local electric power source.

No. 2   PVC pipe production line 110mm-400mm

A. Necessary Machines for PVC Pipe Extrusion Line

  • 1 set of Double-Screw Extruder – SJSZ80/156
  • 1 set of autoloader Type ZJF-300
  • 1 set of Moulds
  • 1 set of Vacuum calibration and cooling tank
  • 1 set of Water cooling tank
  • 1 set of Automatic spray printer
  • 1 set of Four pedrails haul off machine
  • 1 set of Automatic planetary cutting machine

B Detail Technical Parameters of Each Above machines

1.screw loader feeder

2. Conical twin screw Extruder SJSZ80/156

26 27

3. Mould for PVC pipe

Item Description Remarks

28 29





﹡ special designed pre-cooling parts can make sure smooth and shiny pipe surface

1 OD

110,  160, 200, 250, 315,355,400mm

2 Material of the mould body Steel 45#(superior mold steel) harden treated
3 Material of the inner parts in mould 40Cr(superior mold steel) harden treated
4 Material of calibrator Stannum Bronze
5 Pressure rating(or pipe wall thickness) According to the file you sent


4. Vacuum Calibration and cooling Tank

Item Description CS400
  (whole sealing water collecting pipeline)


calibrate the outer diameter and cool

﹡ automatic water level control and water temperature intelligent display

﹡ electric cabinet with water-proof protection

﹡ forceful concentrated spraying water cooling with good cooling effect

﹡ vacuum pump and water pump adopts good product with durable steady working quality.

﹡ Perfect pipeline design with impurity filter device can keep nozzle unblock

1 Length 6000mm
2 Material of tank stainless steel304
3 Cooling Type Water Spray-pouring cooling
4 Vacuum Pump power /
5 Water Pump power
6 Left and right position adjustment Manual adjusting
7 back and forth movement Moved by motor (cycloidal-pin wheel type)

5. Water spray cooling tank


Item Description
Function: calibrate the outer diameter and cool
1 Length 6000mm
2 Material of tank stainless steel
3 Cooling Type Water Spray-pouring cooling
4 Water Pump power 5.5kw×1pcs
6 Left and right position adjustment Manual adjusting

6. Automatic ink-jet printer    (videojet brand)

Item Description Unit Remarks
32 33
Applicationspray the words/ mark on the surface of PVC pipe
1 Printing Mode Marks spraying
2 Word Style Imitating Computer Sprinkle Word Style
3 Working Environment Any
4 Working temperature 5-45℃
5 Working humidity 30-90 %( non-condensing)
6 Ink & Makeup  Unique hydraulic system design, lowest makeup consumption;
7 Data Communication Encoder connectorUSB connector

NPN/ PNP Product detector connector

8 Message Height  1-20mm, characters could be bolded 9 times 
9 Printing Speed  Maximum Speed is 1666 characters per second (single line at the lattice of 5*5), equal to 255 meters per minute.

7. Four pedrails haul off machine

Item Description

Draw PVC pipe forward stably, the speed is synchronized with extruder speed.

1 The quantity of Pedrail Four
2 Pedrail width 80mm
3 Pedrail available Length 2200mm
4 Max. Hauling Force 30KN
5 Pedrail Clamping and releasing control Pneumatically control
6 Hauling Motor Power 5.5kw
7 Hauling Speed 3m/min(max)
9 Speed Adjusting Mode Variable frequency conversion(ABB/DELTA )
10 Axis Height 1050mm±50mm

8. Automatic planetary cutting machine

Item Description Unit Remarks
 35﹡PLC control、automatic meter counting cutting, Planetary cutting

﹡Pneumatic clamping and releasing, Pneumatic cutting return

﹡Saw blade adopts carbide blade

﹡With dust colleting device

1 Cutting type mm Automatic cutting
2 Cutting diameter suitable range mm 110-400MM
3 Cutting motor power Kw 2.2
4 Revolution motor Power Kw 1.5
5 Fan motor power Kw 1.5
6 Material of Cutting Saw Alloy steel
7 Clamping Mode Pneumatically
8 Cutting Control PLC control
9 Element of Electric System mm Schneider
10 Valve of Pneumatic system From AIR TAC

 No.3   PVC pipe belling/socketing machine110mm-400mm     Full automatic


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