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PVC pipe production line

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PVC UPVC Water Supply Pipe Drainage Pipe&Sewage Pipe Extrusion Production Line
Double-Screw Extruder

Plastic Water Pipe Extrusion Making Machine PVC Pipe Extruder Machine Production Line 400mm PVC Pipe Extrusion Line
PVC Pipe Production Line
Pipe Production Line
PE/PP/PPR/PVC Water Supply/Drainage Pipe Extruding Machinery
Polyethylene Pipe Extrusion Production Machine Line
Plastic Pelletizing Machine
Plastic Bag Pelletiizng Machine
PVC Pipe Extrusion Machinery Line
Machinery Line
Extrusion Machinery Line
Plastic HDPE PVC PPR Pipe Production Line Extrusion Line
PVC Pipe Line
Water Pipe Making Machine

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110-400mm pvc pipe production line

pvc pipe production line1 pvc pipe production line2

1 set  
2. Screw loader machine to make the mixed material into extruder , motor 1.5kw

pvc pipe production line3

1 set  
3.Drain pipe mould

110-200MM pipe mould /die head and die pin and die bushing

110,160,200mm All calibration unit use 304 stainless


pvc pipe production line4

1 set  
4.Drain pipe mould

250-400mm Pipe mould with diameter 250,315,355,400MM

All calibration unit use 304 stainless


pvc pipe production line5

1 set  
5. 6m vacuum tank with 304 stainless


pvc pipe production line6pvc pipe production line7

1 set  
6. spraying cooling tank

pvc pipe production line8

7. FOUR CATERPILLAR Hauling off unit

pvc pipe production line9

1 set  
8. PLANTARY Cutter machine

pvc pipe production line10

1 set  
9. Stacker for finished pipe

pvc pipe production line11

1 set  
The following is the Auxiliary machinery
10. SHR500/1000 HOT AND COLD MIXERWITH 75KW INVERTER  With screw loader unit

pvc pipe production line12 pvc pipe production line13

1 set  
11. SWP 630 PVC pipe crusher max diameter 400mm ,thickness below 20mm .with knife material Cr12MOV.   Mesh (screen): Ø8mm

pvc pipe production line14

12. SMF600 PVC PULVERTIZER MACHINEWITH 55KW MOTOR ( Plastic Milling Machine)

pvc pipe production line15 pvc pipe production line16

1 set  

PVC pipe production line 110mm-400mm

Detail Technical Parameters of Each Above machines

1. screw loader feeder

pvc pipe production line17

2. Conical twin screw Extruder SJSZ80/156

pvc pipe production line18

1.1 servo motor 52KW 1 set

1.2. Servo motor variable frequency drive (innovince ) 52KW 1 set

1) Screw and barrel  (demaji)

texture of material 38CrMoAlA

Internal surface treatment Nitriding, diffractive grinding

Heating mode Cast aluminum heating ring

heating power 30kw   Cooling system Barrel fan cooling  Cooling power 250w × four  

3) Reducer (European Code)

- box material HT200  - gear form Helical gear

- gear material 20CrMnTi   - gear surface heat treatment Tooth surface quenching

- cold mode Internal circulating water cooling

4) Motor drive  

- mode servo motor   - power 52KW   - motor controller frequency control

5) Control appliance - contactor Siemens  

3. Mould for PVC pipe  two sets

Item Description Remarks
 pvc pipe production line19 pvc pipe production line20

﹡ special designed pre-cooling parts can make sure smooth and shiny pipe surface

1 OD

110,  160, 200, 250, 315,355,400mm

2 Material of the mould body Steel 45#(superior mold steel) harden treated
3 Material of the inner parts in mould 40Cr(superior mold steel) harden treated
4 Material of calibrator Stannum Bronze
5 Pressure rating(or pipe wall thickness) According to the file you sent

4,Vacuum Calibration and cooling Tank

pvc pipe production line21
pvc pipe production line22
Item Description CS400

calibrate the outer diameter and cool

﹡ automatic water level control and water temperature intelligent display

﹡ electric cabinet with water-proof protection

﹡ forceful concentrated spraying water cooling with good cooling effect

﹡ vacuum pump and water pump adopts good product with durable steady working quality.

﹡ Perfect pipeline design with impurity filter device can keep nozzle unblock

1 Length 6000mm
2 Material of tank stainless steel304
3 Cooling Type Water Spray-pouring cooling
4 Vacuum Pump power 4kw * 2 sets vacuum pump

And water pump 5.5kw

5 Water Pump power
6 Left and right position adjustment Manual adjusting
7 back and forth movement Moved by motor (cycloidal-pin wheel type)

5. Water spray cooling tank

pvc pipe production line23
pvc pipe production line24
Item Description  
Function: calibrate the outer diameter and cool
1 Length 6000mm
2 Material of tank stainless steel
3 Cooling Type Water Spray-pouring cooling
5 Water Pump power 5.5kw×1pcs
6 Left and right position adjustment Manual adjusting

6. Four pedrails haul off machine

Item Description  
pvc pipe production line25pvc pipe production line26


Draw PVC pipe forward stably, the speed is synchronized with extruder speed.

1 The quantity of Pedrail Four
2 Pedrail width 80mm
3 Pedrail available Length 2200mm
4 Max. Hauling Force 30KN
5 Pedrail Clamping and releasing control Pneumatically control
6 Hauling Motor Power 5.5kw
7 Hauling Speed 3m/min(max)
9 Speed Adjusting Mode Variable frequency conversion(ABB/DELTA )
10 Axis Height 1050mm±50mm

7. Automatic planetary cutting machine

Item Description Unit Remarks
 pvc pipe production line27pvc pipe production line28

﹡PLC control、automatic meter counting cutting, Planetary cutting 

﹡Pneumatic clamping and releasing, Pneumatic cutting return 

﹡Saw blade adopts carbide blade

﹡With dust colleting device

1 Cutting type mm Automatic cutting
2 Cutting diameter suitable range mm 110-400MM
3 Cutting motor power Kw 2.2
4 Revolution motor Power Kw 1.5
5 Fan motor power Kw 1.5
6 Material of Cutting Saw   Alloy steel
7 Clamping Mode   Pneumatically
8 Cutting Control   PLC control
9 Element of Electric System mm Schneider
10 Valve of Pneumatic system   From AIR TAC

9.  Stacker for finished pipe

No.3   PVC pipe belling/socketing machine110mm-400mm

pvc pipe production line29

600 PVC pulvertizer     www.cuishimachine.com   www.cuishiextruder.com

pvc pipe production line30

First, the use       

Our factory absorbs advanced technology to develop a series of mills for low to medium hardness plastics, especially for the processing of milling column thermoplastic PVC/PE plastic recycling grinding. The practice of the plastic products professional factory proves that the grinding powder is processed 20%-30% in the father-in-law return visit, and the chemical and physical properties of the products remain unchanged. Therefore, it is the best equipment for plastic products factories to reduce costs and reduce costs to solve the accumulation of waste products.

The low temperature is the main advantage of the machine

1、 According to the heat work equivalent: after doing work per hour into 860 kcal heat, this machine is external exhaust, the air volume is large, by the import and export of the wind temperature difference on behalf of most of the heat, a small part of the heat is solved by water cooling. Requirements: The inlet temperature of the cooling water is not more than 25, the outlet water temperature is not more than 50, and the cooling water flow is appropriately increased in summer to reduce the temperature。

2、 Third, the main technical parameters

3、  Number of cutterheads: 1 piece, outer diameter 600mm

4、  tooth plate: 1 pay (high-quality steel carburizing quenching, hardness hr60)

5、 Blade: 30 pieces (high-quality steel carburizing and quenching, hardness hr60)

6、  Spindle speed; 3000r/min

7、 Motor power: 55kw

8、 Induced draft fan model: YI32S1 power: 7.5kw

9、 Shutdown fan power: 0.75kw

10、 vibrating screen motor power: 0.25kw

11、 Output: pvc20-80 mesh output 150-360kg/h

12、 Weight: 1200kg

SWP630 PVC Pipe Crusher

pvc pipe production line31

- Feeding size: 520mm x 450mm

- Mobile cutting rotation diameter: 630mm

- Pellet output: 700-800 Kg/hr

- Motor: 37KW – 380RPM

- Motor brand: Siemens Bader

  Electric cabinet system: The main accessories are Siemens or Schneider

- Steel plate thickness of feed nozzle: 25mm

- Thickness of steel plate of crusher body: 40mm

- Number of moving knives: 6 pieces

- Number of fixed knives: 4 pieces

-- -Air delivery system:

+ Motor: 4Kw – Brand Red Flag

+ Volume of stainless steel air hopper: 100 cubic meters (liters)

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