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HDPE PP pipe extrusion machine

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The main equipment of extrusion line

1 SJ-90/33  Single screw extruder   with Automatic dry feeding system
With SIEMENS S7-200 PLC English / Chinese menu
2 SJ25 single screw extruder for marking line
3  die head  16-63mm tp produce pe pipe 16-63mm with high speed design
4 Vacuum Calibration unit  9m length
5 SJ50 single screw extruder for coating color
6 Pe coating color pipe line
7 High effective spraying cooling tank 6m length
8 High speed Haul-off machine
9 High speed non-dust cutter
10 Double positon Winder  16-63mm
11 Electrical control system
12 Spare parts list

1.SJ-90/33Single screw extruder

With SIEMENS S7-200 PLC English / Chinese menu

Screw and barrel Zhoushan(Jinxing)
Material 38CrMoAIA
Nitrided layer thickness 0.7-1.0mm
Screw hardness HV740 Nlt.
Barrel hardness HV940 Nlt.
Screw diameter 90mm Single screw
Screw rotate speed 120rpm
L/D 33:1
Barrel heating method Stainless  heating
Heating zones 5 zones AC motor
Total power 40Kw
Heating power 8KW*5
Cooling method Air fan cooling
Power of fan 5*0.37Kw
Drive motor AC motor
Power 132Kw Gear Box Guomao
Gearbox origin Gear Box
Gears type Helical gears
Heat treatment Carburized grind
Connecting method Directly
Degassing unit Water-ciecle vacuum pump 7.5Kw

HDPE PP pipe extrusion machine (1)

HDPE PP pipe extrusion machine (18)

High speed design pipe  moulds

Die head range 16-63mm
Die quantity One set
Material of Die 40Cr quenched
Newest technology with Spiral design.Good quality 40Cr steel with Nitrogen quenched to reinforce the quality.Newest design of Die support trolley, with easy adjustable factures

Vacuum Calibration Unit 9m length

Central height 1100mm A new generation of vacuum calibrators with convincing features:l Precise temperature guidancel Flow optimized pipe work made of Stainless materialsl The unit is equipped with vacuum pump, water pump, forward-backward motor and control box.  The system is designed for the controls of water inflow, water level, water temperature, auto water supply, water drainage and pressure release.The unit is fully automatic, which is different from the conventional cooling system.
Moving motor AC 0.75 kw
Material of tank 304 # Stainless steel
Central height can be adjusted a little
With longitudinal moving unit
Water pump 2piece
Power of water pump 5.5kw
Vacuum pump 2piece
Power of vacuum pump 4kw
Length of the equipment 9000mm
Width of the equipment  600mm
Automatic control system One set

HDPE PP pipe extrusion machine (13)

SJ25 single screw extruder for marking line -4pcs

HDPE PP pipe extrusion machine (2)

SJ50 single csrew extruder with coating pipe mould -high speed design

HDPE PP pipe extrusion machine (3)

HDPE PP pipe extrusion machine (4)

HDPE PP pipe extrusion machine (15)

HDPE PP pipe extrusion machine (14)

High effective spraying cooling tank

Central height 1100mm The unit isfully automatic.tank is made of stainless steel, spray nozzles are made of ABS
Moving motor AC 5.5 kw
Material of tank Stainless steel
Central height can be adjusted a little
With longitudinal moving unit
Method Enforced spraying
Water pump 1 piece
Power of vacuum pump 7.5kw
Length of the equipment 30m
Width of the equipment  600mm
Automatic control system One set

HDPE PP pipe extrusion machine (6)

HDPE PP pipe extrusion machine (7)

Haul-off unit with encode

HDPE PP pipe extrusion machine (19)

HDPE PP pipe extrusion machine (8)

HDPE PP pipe extrusion machine (9)

High speed  Cutter machine with siemens touch screen unit

Function: cut HDPE pipe in fixed length
1 Cutter type Automatic meter counting cutter
2 Suitable cutting pipe diameter 16-160mm
3 Cutting speed Synchronization, automatic cut in fixed length
4 Motor power KW 2.2
5 Material of Cutting Saw Alloy steel
6 Clamping Mode Pneumatically Drive
7 Cutting Control PLC control
8 Maximum cutting thickness mm 18
9 Suitable cutting speed m/min 12
10 Machine dimension mm 2100X610X1360

HDPE PP pipe extrusion machine (16)

HDPE PP pipe extrusion machine (10)

HDPE PP pipe extrusion machine (11)

HDPE PP pipe extrusion machine (12)

Double position winding machine 16-63mm  one set

Double station winding
Suitable pipe range :16-63MM
Our production by roll  32 mm , 40 mm , 50mm ,63mm / each roll 300 m

Spare parts

Air fan for barrel of 75 extruder One set
Air fan for barrel of 30 extruder One set
Tools for taking out screw Two sets
Special tools for T-die One set
Solid state relay Three pieces
 relay Three pieces
Contactor Three pieces
Air tube  diameter 8mm 20m
Blade Two pieces

HDPE PP pipe extrusion machine (17)

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