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Configuration list of PVC/WPC profile production equipment

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Name of Commodity


PVC/WPC  door frame production line

1 set Double-Screw Extruder – SJSZ65/132

With inovince servo motor with screw loader

1 set vacuum calibration table

1 set hauling off

1 set cutter machine

1 set stacker

Door frames sizes for wpc

3×2 inch




SHR500/1000 hot and cold  mixer with 75kw inverter
SWP450 crusher , 22 kw motor , air delivery system 3kw , output 400-600kg
PVC /WPC pulvertizer 600 type with 55kw motor

Production technical conditions

1. Adaptive power supply: 380v/3p/50Hz

2. Applicable resin: PVC/WPC  + additives

3. Extrusion volume: 300kg / h (max.)

4. Product specification: PVC/WPC door frame profile

5. Production line speed: 0.5m/min

6. Center height of extruder: 1000mm

7. Operation direction: Right to left

8. Installed capacity: 68kW (production energy consumption is about 25kW / h)

2、 Equipment composition

1. SJSZ-65 / 132 twin screw extruder 1 set

2. Zkdj-300 vacuum sizing platform 1 set

3. Sjg-200 crawler tractor 1 set

4. Qg-200 sawing machine (pneumatic automatic cutting) 1 set

5. Fz-6 turntable (made of 6m stainless steel) 1 set

production equipment2
production equipment3

PART I. Technical specification of each machine
1. 65/132 Conical Double Screw Extruder

1.1 servo motor 31KW 1 set

1.2. Variable frequency speed regulation device (produced by Huichuan) 31KW 1 set

diameter 65/132mm Aspect ratio 22:1 texture of material 38CrMoAlA

surface treatment Nitriding, polishing speed 1-60r/min

1) Screw

2) Barrel

texture of material 38CrMoAlA

Internal surface treatment Nitriding, diffractive grinding

Heating mode Cast aluminum heating ring

heating power 18kw Cooling system Barrel fan cooling

Cooling power 180w × three

3) Reducer (jiangchi)

- box material HT200 - gear form Helical gear

- gear material 20CrMnTi - gear surface heat treatment Tooth surface quenching

- cold mode Internal circulating water cooling

4) Drive motor

- mode servo motor - power 31KW

- motor controller frequency control

5) Control appliance - contactor Siemens

- temperature control instrument Delta digital display intelligence

6) Metering feed

- mode Spiral type - motor power: 0.75kw

7) Automatic feeder

- mode Spiral feeding mode - power 1.5kw

WPC profile mould

production equipment4

2.Zkdj-300 vacuum sizing platform 1 set

Unique design, compact structure, advanced cooling mode, high output, stable performance, fast mold change and convenient operation.

1. Two hzb-2.7 vacuum pumps

- motor power: 5.5KW

- vacuum degree: 0-0.09Mpa

- extraction volume: 2.7x 160 m ³/ h

2. Two hisz-125 centrifugal pumps

- motor power: 1.5KW

- flow: 25 m3 / h

Centralized water supply and four position spray (hydraulic spray water supply pipeline system)

3. Sizing range;

4. One forward and backward motor

- model: XWDZ-11-0.75

- motor power: 0.75KW

- transmission mode: Lead screw drive

5. Platform material: 304 stainless steel

3. Sjg-200 crawler tractor 1 set

The traction device is characterized by its compact structure and continuous operation without maintenance.

- traction mode Double track traction

- clamping form Pneumatic clamping

- effective track frame length 2000mm

- traction speed 0.3-6m/min

- drive motor alternating current dynamo

- mode and power 3kw

- motor controller mode Frequency conversion control (Huichuan)

4. Qg-200 sawing machine (pneumatic automatic cutting) 1 set

The length can be precisely determined by using the travel switch, or the adjustable length measuring device can be used for automatic pneumatic clamping and translational cutting.

- mode Saw blade cutting

- clamping mode Pneumatic

- table displacement mode Pneumatic translation

- cutting range 50-200mm

- cutting power: 1.5kw

production equipment5
production equipment6
production equipment6
production equipment7
production equipment8
production equipment9
production equipment10
4.10 grinder
production equipment11 production equipment12
Machine Type SMP630
Rotating Knife Diameter 630mm
Main Motor Power AC55kw
Motor Manufacturer Huajin
Fixed knife 14pcs
Rotating Knife 27pcs
Main Shaft Speed 3800rmp
Cooling Method Water cooling
Fan Power AC5.5kw
Capacity PVC:350-500KG/H
Powder Mesh PVC:20-80mesh
Dust connect With bags to connect dust. To protect the environment
Weight 1500kg
Outer Size (L*W*H) 3500*1500*3500mm
Note: If you need powder in average size, we suggest to add a vibration sieve to work together.

And you can change the different sieve to produce different mesh powder.

Vibration Sieve Type ZDS1000

production equipment13

SHR500/1000 hot and cold mixer
production equipment14 production equipment15
High speed mixer: shr500 / 1000Material and composition of pot body: 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel, with extremely smooth and hard inner surface, which is characterized by wear resistance, corrosion resistance and not easy to stick.Pot cover material: cast aluminumTotal volume: 500 / 1000LNumber of mixed slurry: 3Mixing slurry material: 3cr13ni9tiHeating mode: electric heating and self grinding heating

Cooling mode: water cooling

Temperature control mode: electronic automatic temperature control

1 motor: Power: 75kW, equipped with Senlan or other brand frequency converter

(the frequency converter controls the motor, with small starting current and more than 30% power saving.)

Cooling motor: 15 kw

Mixing time: 6-10min

Material of discharge body: cast aluminum

Unloading mode: pneumatic unloading

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