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PP Hollow sheet line

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PP Hollow Lattice Board Sheet Extrusion Production Line
PP Hollow Sheet Machine
PP Hollow Sheet Extrusion Line
PP Corrugated Sheet Extrusion Line/PP Hollow Sheet Extrusion Line
PP Hollow Sheet Extrusion Line
Plastic Box Sheet Production Line
New Generation PP Building Template Production Line PP Hollow Template Sheet Machine Production Line
PP Building Template Production Line
PP Sheet Machine Production Line
Hot Sale PP Hollow Sheet Making Machine Building Formwork Production Line
Building Formwork Production Line
PP Building Formwork
The Newest PP Hollow Fluted Sheet Extrusion Line
Lexan Sheet Extrusion Line
PP Sheet Extrusion Line
PC Sunshine Board/PP Hollow Sheet Extrusion Line
PP Hollow Sheet Extrusion Line
PP Hollow Sheet Production Line

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Corrugated Sheet extrusion machine 


PP Waterproof Corrugated Sheet production line

PP Plain Corrugated Sheet machine

PP Advertising Corrugated Sheet production line

PP Signboard Corrugated Sheet line

Hollow Grid Board Production Machine PC Sunlight Hollow Sheet Produce Line


Models of PP twin wall corrugated sheet making machine

We have different models of PP corrugated sheet machine for making different width of final product

Model Sheet width Sheet thickness Extruder Model  Motor Power
CS-1400 1220mm 2-10mm 90/36 55-75kw
CS-1800 1800mm 2-10mm 120/36 75-90kw
CS-2300 2200mm 2-10mm 120/36 90-110kw
CS-2600 2450mm 2-10mm 120/36 90-110kw
CS-3000 2800mm 2-10mm 150/36 132kw

Polypropylene (PP) is a polyolefinic polymer  by the Italian scientist, Giulio Natta, who was then awarded in 1963 with the Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

Corrugated polypropylene is a hygienic and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional materials like cardboard or wood, traditionally used for packaging.


1, Application of PP Plastic Hollow Corrugated sheet/Plate in Fruit,Vegetable and Food Packaging

PP plastic hollow packing box has excellent moisture resistance, water resistance, low temperature resistance, light and high strength, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, recyclable and reusable features, etc.Products: Apple Store Packing Box, Ginger Packing Box, Asparagus Packing Box, Grape Packing Box, Milk Packing Box, Variety Packing Box, Dairy Packing Box, etc.

2, Application of PP Plastic Hollow Corrugated sheet/Plate in Industrial Packaging

PP plastic hollow plate is widely used in the field of industrial packaging, because of its light and high strength, good buffer performance, good weather resistance, environmental recyclable reusable.PP plastic hollow plate industrial logistics turnover box product line is very rich, there are double-layer fixed turnover box, single-layer fixed turnover box, single-layer folding turnover box, matching knife card pad, storage cage enclosure, etc. According to the function can be divided into electronic turnover box, auto parts turnover box, logistics turnover box and so on; can meet the logistics turnover needs of all kinds of enterprises.


Corrugated Plastic Sheets

3.Application of PP Plastic Hollow Corrugated sheet/Plate in Packaging of Glass Bottles

With the continuous improvement of the quality requirements of glass bottles, the traditional packaging of sacks cannot meet the needs of production and market. Tray packaging can overcome the drawbacks of sack packaging, can reduce the packaging and transportation of glass bottles broken, but also to avoid the sack after a long time on the bottle ash and even adhered to the bag of decay.PP plastic hollow plate according to the customer's requirements, sealing edge, sealing angle to produce a variety of high strength and size of glass tray packaging plate.


Its main advantages and features are:

• Resistance to chemical agents
• Durability
• High impact strength matched with extreme lightweight
• 100% recyclability
• Easy converting

Its versatility makes it suitable for endless applications: from automotive to glass industry, beverage & food, pharmaceutical, constructions, visual merchandising.

The pp cartonplast is a very versatile product, produced with the most modern technique of extrusion, easily converted into packaging, boxes, displays and printed in bright colors and highly customisable in different dimensions & thicknesses.

Product Description


Thickness 2-10 mm
Brand Cuishi
Tolerance (%) 1 To 2%
Usage/Application Making Packaging Boxes And Cartons
Color White, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black, Brown
Material PP
GSM 250 -4000
Sheet width 1220mm, 1830mm , 2200mm

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