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Micro duct /COD pipe extruder machine

Micro-ducts are the latest and most cost-effective ways to transmit optical fiber cable (AIR BLOW), which is considered as the fourth generation of telecommunication pipes.


Name of Commodity
SJ65/38 high speed Inner pipe extrusion line

  1. Automatic loader and dryer system
  2. SJ65/38 single screw extruder
  3. Pipe die head
  4. Pipe 9m vacuum cooling tank
  5. Pipe 6m spraying cooling tank
  6. Pipe hauling off
  7. Pipe cutter
  8. Pipe winder
Sj90/30 cod coating spiral corrugated pipe line

Production sprial corrugated coating speed is 2-3m.min  

1.Automatic loader and dryer system

2. Sj90/30 single screw extruder

3.Unload pipe table

4.Guiding Device

5. sprial corrugated pipe coating mould

6. sprial corrugated pipe coating forming machine

7. hauling off machine

8. cutter machine

9.JPJ-3500 big pipe winder machine


Micro ducts are actually high density polyethylene pipes called HDPE (HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE) for short. Micro ducts have a tube with a large outer diameter and several inner tubes with a smaller diameter inside the outer tube. The inner chamber of the central tube provides a path for the movement of the fiber optic cable. The use of non-degradable polyethylene materials in nature and the absence of metal structures allow direct burying of the micro-duct in the ground, thus creating an underground channel for placing optical fiber cables in the ground. As you know, PE is one of the chemical materials that has a very high flexibility, and the production of micro ducts with polyethylene materials creates great mechanical resistance against any type of pressure, twisting, bending, and impact, and also makes it easy to bend in a screw. existing in the channel path.

In fact, micro ducts are a set of standard channels next to each other, which consists of two or more micro ducts that are placed under a cover. This product, as a new generation of transit channels for the transmission of optical fiber cables, telecommunication cameras and network transmission, which can include the number of channels and different sizes based on the way of consumption and place of implementation, also this product can be ordered in any color. be Microducts can be produced from 1 to 12 channels and in sizes of 250-500-1000 and 2000 meters.

The optical fiber cables used in the micro duct are known as AIR BLOW cables (optical fiber blowing cables or micro fiber) and these cables enter the micro duct using the AIR BLOWN FIBER (ABF) optical fiber shooting system. .

Use of micro duct to make buildings smart
In order to make smart in modern and up-to-date buildings, the microduct substrate can be used in the building, which removes a significant amount of copper cables (network cable, coaxial or antenna cable, iPhone cable, etc.) Nouri moved towards a smart building, and if microducts are used in the floor of the units, the security and health of the fibers can be guaranteed.

The points of using microducts inside the units are as follows There should not be more than two 90 degree curves or one 180 degree curve in the micro duct path. If there is, a design should be such that Pull Box is used. For pipes with a diameter less than 5 cm, the minimum bending radius is 6 times the inner diameter, and for pipes above 5 cm, the bending radius is 10 times the inner diameter. It is not acceptable to screw up on the route. If the air blown system is not used, the amount of tensile force of the cable is directly related to the performance of the micro duct elements such as the length of the pipe, the type of coating, the number of bends, etc. Therefore, the design of the micro duct network should not be such that the tensile force does not occur. G from the nominal capacity Fiber will be increased (tensile force can be reduced by using psychostimulants) Preferably, a straight path should be seen in the design of the Pull Box (avoid installation and design in places with even mild arches) When the microducts reach a gathering point, they should be placed 2.5 to 7.5 cm above the floor level of the room. And this action causes liquids not to penetrate into the duct during construction and concrete pouring and does not lead to the pipe being seized.

All empty microducts should be blocked with an end cap The number of route branches should be based on the order to the microduct manufacturer. Concreting on the routes can be one-stage or two-stage.


Requirements for pipes: C.O.D – 110 pipes (3, 4, 5, 7, 9 holes)
90 pipes (3 holes) – 90 pipes (3 holes or…)
The main purpose of its use is to eliminate the pond and economic justification (time/cost). It gives a closed 250-meter coil (instead of a pond) and a 500-meter area.  Accelerating the development and maintenance department (pipe and cable repair)
COD 1. Facilitating pipe laying in the soil bed: After digging the channel and starting the pipe laying stage, this cap can be used when pulling the pipe. 2. At the end of the work, this cap is used to prevent the entry of insects, dust, any foreign object and also to keep the pipe clean for the fiber to pass through. In the end cover of the subduct: At the end of the work, to protect the subduct from the entry of any debris and insects, and as a result, the internal environment remains clean for the entry of fiber In the end cover of the subduct
The COD coil is closed on it, and with the rotating movement of that coil, it is opened well and with a proper process, and it is buried in the channel with complete health, and they are integrated and smooth on the bottom of the channel. By not using the rewinder, the pipe may not have a proper shape in the channel and we may not have a proper shot.
COD pipe cutter To remove the outer cover of the pipe and free the subducts in order to use the joint or connector C.O.D pipe inlet and outlet connector: Material: Polyethylene The speed of operation in separating the pipe from the pond Clogging of the pipe at the entrance and exit of the pond Variety of production in 3, 4, 5, 7 and 9 channel sizes Advantages of C.O.D. pipes Has a lot of flexibility The ability to repair the pipeline in place and resistant to geometric changes It has high ring strength and resistance Ability to flow any fluid in the system and resistant to dynamic compression Ability to track subducts according to color indicators Economic justification in product supply Ease of implementation (contracting department) and foundation Resistant against any stretching, tension, tearing and rapid crack growth The ability to roll in different sizes and use easy connections Economic justification in two-coil connections Resistant to vermin Ability to run telecommunication centers

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