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CS63-200mm grooving machine

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Pipe diameter :63/75/90/110/125/140/160/200mm

Pvc/pe seepage pipe corrugated pipe full-automatic slotting machine.

Soakage pipe is also called pvc/pe slotted pipe, which is widely used in foreign countries. It is mainly used for deep well water infiltration / filtration / collection, rainwater collection under the street, infiltration sewage collection, landfill sewage infiltration and buried collection, industrial wastewater collection and treatment, snow water melting collection, farmland rapid drainage and other fields.

Features: for pvc/pe and other plastic pipes, it has the characteristics of fast slotting speed and smooth slotting section. The diameter of slotted pipe, the number of circumferential slotting and arc length can be customized. The whole machine adopts Siemens PLC servo control, with advanced design.


model CS-200 Technical parameters of the machine:

 Pipe diameter 63mm-200mm

three Pipe length 6m (as required)

four Center height 500-600mm

five Service voltage 380V, 50Hz, 3phase (as required)

six Compressed air pressure 0.6Mpa


seven Total power 9KW

eight Main motor power 3KW

nine Upper and lower motor power (servo motor) 0.75KW

ten Rotating motor power (servo motor) 0.75KW

eleven Left and right motor power (servo motor) 0.75KW

twelve Power of dedusting fan 3KW

thirteen Machine color (as required)

fourteen Overall dimension 8000*1700*1800

fifteen Machine weight 2500KG

sixteen Grooving type Transverse groove

seventeen Blade material W18Cr4V

Main electrical and pneumatic components

one Programmable controller Mitsubishi / Siemens

two touch screen Siemens

three Miniature circuit breaker Siemens

four AC contactor Siemens

five Motor circuit breaker Siemens

six Intermediate relay OMRON

seven Switching Mode Power Supply Guangzhou Mingwei

eight Photoelectric switch Otonix

nine Proximity switch Otonix

ten switch knob Schneider

eleven Cylinder Shanghai Delixi

twelve Pneumatic solenoid valve Shanghai Delixi

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