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HDPE pipe production line

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PE Pipe Extrusion Machine / HDPE Plastic Pipe Production Line
PE Pipe Extrusion
HDPE Pipe Production Line
Drip Irrigation System Reinforced PE Black Layflat Pipe 2-6′′ Drip Irrigation Production Line
Drip Irrigation Pipe Machine
Drip Irrigation Tape Production Line
Durable PE PP PP Pert PPR Plastic Hot Cold Water Pipe Making Machine Extrusion Production Line
PP-R/PE-Rt/PE Pipe Production Line
PP-R/PE-Rt/PE Pipe Plastic Production Line
PE Plastic Carbon Fiber Pipe Production Line
Plastic Carbon Fiber Pipe Line
PE Pipe Production Line
HDPE/PE Water Supply Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line for Outdoor Supply
Pipe Production Line
Multi Three Layer 1000mm HDPE PE Pb Pprc High Density Polyethylene Pipe Extruder Plant Production Machine Line
PPR Co-Extrusion Pipes Production Lines
HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line
High Speed Plastic Corrugated Pipes Extruder Machine/PA PP PE Corrugator Tube Extruding Extrusion Line
Pipe Production Line
Plastic Pipe Extruder
Plastic PVC/PE/PP Single Wall Corrugated/Corrugation Electrical Conduit Protective Sheath Pipe Tube/Hose Extrusion Production Line
Plastic Machine
Plastic HDPE PE PP Pipe Tube Extrusion Machine Production Line with Sj 65single Screw Extruder
PE Pipe Production Line
PE Pipe Making Machine
Double Wall Single Wall HDPE PE PPR Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line
PPR Pipe Making Machine
PPR Pipe Extruder
Plastic PE PP Pipe Extrusion Production Line
Double-Screw Extruder
HDPE PE PPR Pipe Production Line
PE Pipe Production Line
PE Pipe Manufacturing Machine
Wholesale Plastic Conduit Gas Water Irrigation LDPE HDPE PE Tube Hose Pipe Extrusion Production Line
Plastic Machine
Plastic Extruder
Plastic PP/PE Pipe Extrusion Line
Pipe Line
Extrusion Line
PE Huge Calibre Hollow Wall Pipe Production Line
Plastic Machine
Plastic Machinery
Single Screw PE Pipe Processing Equipment /PE Hot Melt Pipe Machine Production Line
Tube Extruder
Pipe Production Line
Cosmetic PE Tube/Hose/Pipe Extrusion Production Line
Multiple-Layer Extrusion PE Tube Production Line
Extrusion Tube Production Line for Cosmetic
High Qualitycustomized PE Plastic Pipe Making Machine Gas Pipe Production Line Made in China
PP PE HDPE Corrugated Wall Flexible Hose Produce Machine Single Wall Corrugation Pipe Making Line
Plastic Corrugation Hose Extruder
Electirc Wire Flexible Conduit Making Machine
High Quality Waste Plastic PP PE Film/Jumbo Woven Bags/Garbage Pet Bottle Flake /Drum/Pallet/Rubber/Lump/PVC Pipe/ Crushing Washing Recycling Line
HDPE Bottle Recycling to Fiber Machine
HDPE Bottle Crusher
Plastic Pipe Extruder Line for PE/PP/PPR
PE Extruder
Pipe Extrusion Line

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Fob Qingdao Price

HDPE Pipes Production Line(400-1100mm)


Automatic feeding machine





Hopper dryer



Single-Screw Extruder type SJ150/33

1 set


Moulds(including calibrators)

1 set


Marking line co-extruder type SJ30/25

1 set


Vacuum calibration tank

2 set


Extended water spraying cooling tank

3 set


8-Pedrails Hauling off Machine 

1 set


Planet cutting machine

1 set


Pipe stacker

1 set


About PE pipe industry

◊ Market research

      Polymer, a chain of monomers is versatile which has led to the versatility of the plastic products. The horizon of the plastic products is broad. One of these versatile plastic products is a high density polyethylene pipe which delivers safe and clean water. These pipes with its numerous advantages has benefited the society with advantages such as chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, no toxicity, longer life cycle, better impact strength, light weight, lower installation costs, energy savings etc.

◊ Polyethylene Pipes for Entrepreneurs

The business of an entrepreneur lies on high volume business bringing in a higher net profitability for an entrepreneur.

 Monetary gains in terms of net profitability which the entrepreneur aims at, helping the entrepreneurs in deciding on the selection of a new product while entering into a new business forms the major element of a business.

The other elements on which the business lies contributing to a higher net profitability is the higher product mix leading to a higher capacity utilization and the distribution pattern.

Achieving a higher product mix with more number of products which can be produced on a single machinery making the machinery versatile leading to a lesser dependence on a single product would result into minimal risks in business.

 New products, new applications, new end uses in high density polyethylene pipe business contributing to the growth of the plastic processing industry bringing in a broadened horizon for the entrepreneurs making it possible for the entrepreneurs to achieve a higher product mix would lead to a higher net profitability.

Versatility of the extruder capable of producing products either using the same polymer or different polymers bringing in a higher growth of the pipe industry would lead to more and more number of new units in the country.

About PE pipe industry1
About PE pipe industry2

Project evaluation

According to your demand for PE (630-800mm) pipe production line, we’d like to recommend our standard PE pipe production line. With less labor, lower power consumption, this scheme can be regarded as high effective, economical, safety and stability. This line can save more energy as the best configuration that matches to your complete project.

1.1 Material characteristics

◊ Based material:

Polyethylene resin

Master Batch

◊ Additive (If need):

Oxidation inhibitor

Ultraviolet ray stabilizer

◊ Material form

All the material should be mixed completely.


  • 1 set of Automatic feeding machine ZJ-1000
  • 1 set of Hopper dryer ZJ-1600
  • 1 set of Single-Screw Extruder type SJ 150/33
  • Moulds for 400-1100MM
  • 1 set of Mark line extruder type SJ30/25
  • 2 set of Vacuum calibration tank
  • 3 set of extended water spraying cooling tank
  • 1 set of 8-pedrails hauling Machine 
  • 1 set of Planet-cutting machine
  • 1 set of Pipe stacker


  1. Automatic feeding machine type ZJ-1000





﹡ working principle: vacuum suction ﹡ automatic start and stop the loading action


Static pressure max.




Air flow max.




Motor power




Motor speed




Electric power supply required


380V 50HZ


Delivery capacity




Suction hopper volume




Delivery hose dia.




Suction hose dia.




Figure dimension







  1.  1 set of Hopper dryer STG-U 1600
Item Description Unit STG-U1600
﹡ forceful hot air drying﹡ energy conservation
1 Volume L


2 Charge Capacity Kg


3 Air flow mз/min


4 Fan motor power kw


5 Electric supply requirement  

380V 50HZ

6 Heater power kw


7 Temperature max.


8 Precision of temperature control  


9 Material of the barrel  

Stainless steel

10 Plastic-contacting parts material  

Stainless steel

  1. 1 set of Single-Screw Extruder type SJ 150/33
About PE pipe industry3
﹡Screw、barrel design and manufacturing absorb European advanced technology

﹡Screw and barrel material:38CrMoAlA,nitriding treated

﹡adopt original famous electric components with high steady running quality . Eg:

RKC or Omron temperature controller、Eurotherm DC speed regulator、low-voltage breaker adopts Schneider or Siemens

﹡Gearbox: high torque, low noise, hard gear tooth face dedicated extruder gear box

﹡Self protective system:

 Over current protective of motor

Over pressure protective of screw

﹡Optional control ways:  PLC with Siemens touch screen control panels



General description

Main electric elements DC speed regulator: Eurotherm

Temperature controller: RKC or Omron

Contactor: Siemens or Schneider

Air-break switch: Siemens or Schineirder

Other electric elements: famous brand products

Max Output 850-950kg/h
Connect type of extruder and mould Bolt connection
Material Feeding


Vacuum feeder 1 pcs
Dryer   1 pcs
Screw Diameter(mm) 150mm
L/D 33/1
Max Rotating speed(r/min) 75
Material 38CrMoAlA, Nitrogen treated
Heating Casting aluminum heater with stainless steel outer cover
Heating segments 9 segments
Heating power 9.5KW×9
Barrel Barrel type Grooving barrel with water forced cooling feeding part
Cooling Cooling by forceful low noise blower
Cooling air blower power 0.55 KW×9
Material 38CrMoAlA, Nitrogen treated
Drive and

Transmission system

Main motor power(KW) 315kw
Speed adjusting mode of main motor DC timing
Rotating speed of main motor (r/min) 1500r/min
Gear box High torque, low noise

Hard tooth face

Material of gear: 20CrMnTi



About PE pipe industry4
About PE pipe industry5
Item Description Unit  
﹡Absorb European advanced technology﹡Mould material adopts good quality alloy
1 Available Diameters mm 400-1100MM
2 Wall thickness Mpa SDR11, SDR17(or according to customer request)
3 Mould material / 40Cr ; high strength alloy; inner surface polished  
4 Material of the calibrator / Brass


5. Marking line co-extruder type SJ30/25

Item Description Unit SJ30/25
﹡Screw、barrel design and manufacturing absorb European advanced technology﹡Screw and barrel material:38CrMoAlA,nitriding treated

﹡adopt original famous electric components with high steady running quality

1 Diameter of the Screw mm 30
2 L/D / 25:1
3 Material of the Screw and barrel / 38CrMoAl, nitriding treated
4 Drive motor power KW 3
5 Speed governor / Fuji frequency inverter
6 Screw and barrel heating / Cast aluminum heater


6. One set of one chamber Vacuum calibration tank CS-I 800 

Item Description Unit CS-1200
About PE pipe industry7
About PE pipe industry6
﹡ two segment design is easy for pipe forming and convenient for operation.

﹡ automatic water level control and water temperature control

﹡ electric cabinet with water-proof protection

﹡ forceful concentrated spraying water cooling with good cooling effect

﹡ vacuum pump and water pump adopts good product with durable steady working quality.

﹡ Perfect pipeline design with impurity filter device can keep nozzle unblocked

1 Length of Vacuum tank mm 1500
2 Material of the Vacuum tank / stainless steel
3 Cooling Mode / Forceful Spray-pouring cooling
4 Spraying nozzle material / ABS

6-2. one set of one chamber Vacuum calibration tank CS-II 1100

Item Description Unit CS-500
 About PE pipe industry8
1 Length of Vacuum tank mm 10500
2 Material of the Vacuum tank / stainless steel
3 Cooling Mode / Forceful Spray-pouring cooling
4 Spraying nozzle material / ABS


7. Three set of extended water cooling tank


Item Description Unit CS1100
 About PE pipe industry9﹡ automatic water level control and water temperature control

﹡ electric cabinet with water-proof protection

﹡ forceful concentrated spraying water cooling with good cooling effect

﹡ water pump adopts good product with durable steady working quality.

1 Length mm 6000
2 Water tank material / Stainless steel
3 Water pump power KW 7.5kw×1pcs
4 Cooling mode / Forceful spaying cooling
5 Spraying nozzle material pcs ABS
6 Inside under prop / nylon half-moon ring


8. 8-Pedrails haul off Machine 


Item Description Unit QY-1100
﹡8-pedrials haul, steady and powerful hauling ﹡Pneumatic clamping, variable frequency speed adjusting

﹡With imported glass shield

1 Available diameter mm 400-1100
2 Available clamping Length mm 2500
3 Hauling pedrails width mm 80


9. Planet-Cutting Machine

Item Description Unit SCH1100
 About PE pipe industry10﹡PLC control、planetary cutting、hydraulic cutting feeding

﹡Pneumatic clamping and releasing, Pneumatic cutting return  

﹡Clamping tools adopt superior quality aluminum alloy

﹡Saw blade adopts carbide blade

1 Type Automatic metering cutting
2 Standard Cutting Pipe Size Range mm 400-1100
3 Cutting motor power Kw 5.5
4 Revolution motor power Kw 4
5 Max cutting thickness mm 60


10. Pipe stacker


Item Description Unit CS-1100
1 Tilting method / Pneumatically drive
2 length mm 6000


Spare part list (free):




Use place



5 sets



Rubber block

15 sets





Vacuum tank and spray tank


Spray nozzle

20 sets

Vacuum tank and spray tank


Heating contactor

2 sets

Electric box


Small circuit breaker

2 sets

Electric box


Extruder screw unload tools

1 set

Unload screw

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