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Welcome to use qingdao cuishi plastic machine for the pp pe single wall corrugated pipe line with pipe diameter 16-50mm

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Machine name Size ( L*W*H ) Weight KG
Sj55 single screw extruder 3100*1080*1650 800
High speed calibration table 2040X950*1200 500
Pipe cutter machine 500*500*1200 100
Pipe double position winder 1500*1500*1650 300
Pipe mould 1000*1000*100 1000

How to operate the machine

Extruder preheating in advance 1-1.5hours 

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2.To quickly heat up, replace the heating ring with gas to heat the mold core rod  

It must be fully heated until the material comes out of the core rod

customers need to heat the part 3minutes to let material out is ok 

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If the heating of the die core rod at the machine head is not sufficient, the material directly coming out of the screw will break the machine head

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After the material come out from the mould die bushing , you should see the material direction

And then adjust the four large screws of the machine head until the raw materials come straight out of the machine head.

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If the thread is misaligned, adjust the seam line. When the thread is fast on one side and slow on the other, it is necessary to adjust 8 screws to achieve synchronous operation

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4.Instructions for using gear pumps

1. Wiring instructions can be found on the top cover

2. This device has functions such as lubrication, intermittency, and setting

The interval time can be set in white. ACT green light time range 1-995 seconds) IN light is on for interval time, range 99M (SET key for 3 seconds, enter the lubrication program setting status display screen with the number flashing (light on), press to increase or decrease to the so-called actual lubrication time: interval time setting (at this time, the number flashing, press ▲ or increase or decrease to the desired time). After confirming the setting is correct, press the SET key to finish

The electric pump starts working at the new set time.

3. When the system is abnormal, the digital flashing well beeps, and the electric pump stops working, indicating that the oil level is insufficient and needs to be refueled

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The meter meter has arrived, and the meter automatically cuts

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Every time the mold is changed, the core rod of the mold must be coated with high-temperature oil before tightening

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Before starting the machine, each time a new mold core rod is replaced, it must be baked with a flamethrower for 1 to 3 minutes until there is material coming out before starting the machine

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When material come out from the die bushing , you should adjust the die head 4 screws to make the material come out directly straight

Just make sure that the material just comes out of the mold is parallel to the material mouth, and then adjust the height of the molding machine

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Adjust the calibration table height when you produce others mould

Rotate to the right to raise the molding machine

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Post time: Oct-31-2023