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SJ110×35-1800 hollow lattice packaging plate production line

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Main Applications of PP Hollow Sheet
1. The turnover of industrial products packaging: Electronic Component packaging crates, plastic pieces turnover box, knife cards separator tank, anti-static turnover me hollow plate, conductive hollow board turnover me.;turnover box, conductive hollow board turnover box.
2. Bags handbags pallet: liner bags, luggage plate, clapboard.
3. Bottle industry: plate glass factory, bottle holder, canned product separator, cans care, plate.
4. Mechanical industries: machine cushion plate.
5.The advertising industry: PP hollow boards display boxes, display, billboards, Corona board.
6. Home decorating: ceilings, grille, toilet partitions,
7.The furniture industry: coffee table plate, furniture plate.
8. Agriculture: all kinds of boxes of fruit, vegetable crates, pesticide containers, food packaging, beverage containers,
greenhouse roof.
9. Sports products: smart blackboard, paper bags.
10. The automotive industry: steering wheel plate, rear separator plate.
11. The electrical industry: refrigerator, washing machine back, bulkhead.
Composition list of production line

No Name type Quantity Marks
1.1 Stirring dryer SJJB-1000kg 1set Screw feeder
Single screw extruder SJ-110×35 1set AC motor Siemens Bede, international trade reducer with cooler, PP hollow plate special screw
1.2 Electrical control system 1set ABB frequency converter, Siemens low voltage apparatus, Omron temperature control meter
1.3 Mould SJZJ-1800 1set Thickness 2-6mm ,width 1600mm
1.4 Die support SJZJ-1800 1set The welding height of square tube steel plate is adjustable
1.5 Hydraulic station 1set With energy storage tank
1.6 Hollow lattice plate setting table SJDT1560mm×2800mm 1set Cylinder SC200*300=4pcs,Centrifugal fan1.5KW.Shaped platform support,use 40mmThick steel plate with vortex vacuum pump
1.7 First five roller traction device SJQY230mm×1800mm 1set 5 pairs of 10 cots, motor 5.5kw xwed84-121 / 1-5.5kw-4p, helical gear drive, large torque and stable operation.
1.8 Trimming machine SJQB-1800 1set NMRV reducer adjustment, steering blade cutting, 2 auxiliary tool holders, longitudinal trimming
1.9 Heating straightening device SJHX4000×1800mm 1set Stainless steel heating tube φ twenty × 1800 = 28 pieces,Passive stainless steel roll φ seventy × 1800 = 7 pieces (customized with bearings at both ends)Omron Zone 8, Japan, temperature control, independent plastic spraying electric box
1.10 cooling system SJLQ-1800mm 1set 4 sets of x2 320W cooling fan systems
1.11 Second and third roller traction device SJQY230mm×1800MM 1set 3 pairs of 6 rubber rollers, motor 3 kW xwed63-121 / 1-3kw-4p, helical gear drive, large torque and stable operation.
1.12 Slitting device SJFQ-1800 1set NMRV reducer adjusts the cutting of steering blade and 6 auxiliary tool holders, and the cutting width can be adjusted freely
1.13 Transverse cutting machine SJHQ1800mm 1set Blade transverse cutting, servo motor 1.0kw, R series reducer, control unit adopts PLC control system.
1.14 Receiving platform SHT1800×1000mm 2sets It can be used according to the production situation, and the two can be combined

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No Specification
2.1 Raw material PP+Filling masterbatch
2.2 Sheet size 1600×2-6mm
2.3 Speed 0.5-8m/min
2.4 Max output 300公斤
2.5 Machine size 30000×3500×2800  L×W×H
2.6 Weight 18t
2.7 Total power 155 KW
2.8 Actual energy consumption power 95 KW
2.9 Gas consumption 0.43/min
2.10 pressure 0.5-0.7MPA
2.11 Water circulation 0.43 /min
2.12 Power AC380V±10%50HZ
2.13 Water Circulating water of chiller or circulating water of pool
2.14 work environment 0-40℃

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Single screw extruder sj110
Screw diameter: 110mm
Length diameter ratio of screw: 35:1
Screw structure: special screw for PP grid plate
Barrel screw material: 38crmoaia nitriding treatment
Nitriding layer depth: 0.4-0.7mm
Screw hardness: HV > 740
Barrel hardness: HV > 940
Screw speed: 72rpm
Main motor power: 90kw Siemens Bede
Barrel heating area: cast aluminum heater 6 area 50KW
Barrel cooling centrifugal fan cooling: Zone 6 × 0.25kw
Extrusion capacity: 300-400 kg / h
Installation form: horizontal installation
The reducer mechanism unit reducer absorbs Italian technology and adopts hard tooth surface helical gear grinding technology.
The reducer gear is made of 20CrMnTi, which is carburized, ground and quenched, with a hardness of HRC58-62 degrees. It is processed by grinding.

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The gear material of the distribution box is 20crmoti, which is precision machined and equipped with forced lubrication and cooling unit.
Cooling mode: the gear oil is cooled by water flowing through the condenser
The power transmission unit has a direct connection transmission structure, and the operation is stable.
Imported thrust bearing: high torque output
The protective cover of the protective unit is made of A3 steel, and the extrusion heating cover is made of stainless steel plate.
The frame structure adopts square tube welding and reinforced structure.

electrical control system;
Temperature control meter Japan Omron temperature control meter
Contactor Siemens contactor
Frequency converter ABB frequency converter
Hollow lattice plate extrusion die

Form: hanger type plate mould.
Effective width of die head: 1800mm, product width 1600mm
Product thickness: 2-6mm
Channel mode: clothes hanger channel
The die is made of high-quality alloy steel 5CrNiMo forgings, and the surface of the inner runner is chrome plated and polished.
Mold structure: the mold structure absorbs imported technology, and the interior of the mold cavity is plated with hard chromium and polished to a bright mirror.

Thickness adjustment: adjustable bolts are set on the die lip, which can be adjusted when producing plates with different thickness
Heating form: stainless steel electric heating rod is used for heating, with uniform discharge and good stability
Heating section: zone 10 × 3kw
Mold trolley, bracket type, with traveling wheel.
Material: square tube steel plate welding reinforce structure
Adjustment method: screw adjustment

Adjustment height: 100mm

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Hydraulic quick screen changer
Maximum pressure of attached hydraulic net: 16MPa
Control: solenoid valve
Structure: column type

Form hydraulic quick screen changer
Hydraulic pump power 3kw with energy storage cylinder
Heating unit: stainless steel electric heating rod is adopted, and the power is 4kw.
The temperature measuring element adopts PT-100 platinum resistance. The temperature control instrument is Omron temperature control meter.
Pressure measurement is equipped with domestic pressure sensor to display the pressure in front of the network
The screen changing device has two stations, and the filter screen can be changed without shutdown through the control of the hydraulic system.
The body of the device is made of a whole piece of alloy steel, and the mobile metal plate is made of carburized steel.


Hollow lattice plate setting table
Cooling setting plate size 800x1800 × 2 (two sections)
Material: 40Cr
Treatment process: quenching and tempering + hard chromium plating + polishing
Frame material: steel plate wallboard, 100x150 square pipe frame welding
Lifting mode of setting plate: cylinder lifting
Cylinder model sc200x300
Locking mode locking device
Unlocking mode: Manual
Adjustment mode of upper formwork: fine adjustment screw
Rising synchronizer synchronizing gear
Treatment process of lifting guide post adjusting column: quenching and tempering + hard chromium plating + polishing

Front and rear walking mode of electric platform
Electric stroke: 800mm
Electric power: 0.37kw
Reducer form nmrv-40 / 75-500-0.37
Overall height adjustment mode of platform: worm gear screw rod elevator with handwheel
Model: swl-5t-8-i-500
Quantity: 4 sets
Vacuum suction vortex vacuum pump
Quantity: 4 sets
Platform overall control independent control panel

4.6 first five roller traction device
Rubber roller material: nitrile rubber
Diameter 230mm x 1800
Motor power 5.5kw
Linear speed 1-8m / min
Regulation mode ABB variable frequency speed regulation
Lifting mode pneumatic lifting
Adjustable cylinder
Gear form helical gear
Move back and forth synchronously with the platform
The connection mode with the platform is the mother screw and can be adjusted separately
Overall height adjustment screw rod adjustment


4.7 trimming machine
Tool holder material 45 steel quenched and tempered galvanized
Width adjustment free width trimming
Tool rest shaft adjustment NMRV reducer manual adjustment

4.8 heating and straightening device
Heating method: stainless steel heating pipe
Control mode Japan Omron temperature control meter
Number of upper and lower zones: 8
Number of heating tubes: 28
Number of passive rollers: 7
Lifting mode cylinder control independent electric cabinet with positioning device



4.9 cooling device
Cooling method: air cooling
Fan power 320W
Quantity: up and down 2 groups X4 sets / group
Width: 1800mm

4.10 second and third roller traction device
Rubber roller material: nitrile rubber
Diameter 230mm x 1800
Motor power 3kw
Linear speed 1-8m / min
Regulation mode ABB frequency conversion regulation
Lifting mode pneumatic lifting
Adjustable cylinder
Gear form helical gear
It is connected with the cutting method and can be adjusted separately
Overall height adjustment screw rod adjustment

4.11 slitting device
Tool holder material 45 steel quenched and tempered galvanized
Width adjustment free width trimming
Tool rest shaft adjustment NMRV reducer manual adjustment
Quantity: 4 sets

4.12 transverse cutting machine
The size of cutting plate can realize the fixed length cutting of products, and the maximum cutting width is 1800mm
Thickness of cut plate: 2-5mm, and the cut plate is at right angles
Cross saw motor cross saw adopts servo motor with power of 1kW
Walking mode: the transverse walking is R series reducer and linear guide rail
The control unit is controlled by the signal of the length meter and can work in manual and automatic modes.
The electric control cabinet is independent and made of medium carbon steel.
Cutting mode: automatic meter counting, cutting
Return mode pneumatic return

4.13 receiving platform
Bracket length: 1800mm × one thousand
Quantity: 2 groups
It can be used alone or in combination according to production

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