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PVC Spiral suction reinforced soft hose pipe plant

The production line is a special unit for pvc suction hose,with two extruders,forming machine,water tank and winding machine,the pipe wall are soft pvc and hard pvc to strengthen the pressure,the pipe has compression resistance,corrision resistance,negative pressure resistance,bending resistance,suitable for the transportation of gas,liquid,powder particles,mainly used in industry,agriculture,construction and irrigation and other fields.

High Quality PVC Spiral suctio1
High Quality PVC Spiral suctio2



SJ50/28 single screw extruder


SJ45/25 single screw extruder


Die head


Forming mold and forming machine


Water cooling tank


Single screw extruder

 High Quality PVC Spiral suctio3

Optimized screw and newly designed slotted sleeve make our extruder have higher fusion rate, uniform fusion, stable and continuous
production. Adopt high efficiency gear motor, large torque, long service life, low noise.

Die head

Design and size according customer sample.

Can thread wire.

High Quality PVC Spiral suctio4
High Quality PVC Spiral suctio5

Forming mold

Design and size according customer sample

High Quality PVC Spiral suctio6

PvcSuctionHose New Global Multi-color Flexible Suction Spa Flexible PvcHose Flexible Corrugated 

High Quality PVC Spiral suctio7
High Quality PVC Spiral suctio8
High Quality PVC Spiral suctio9

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