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PVC foam board line

PVC foam board line operate10
Pvc foam board how to operate
Preparations before starting the machine: Check whether the water, electricity and gas are normal, and prepare common tools such as traction ropes, thick gloves, and utility knives.
1. Weighing and mixing of raw materials
(It has been introduced before and will not be repeated)

2.Host extrusion

80 machine extrusion process is as follows:
(1) After the screw and mold are heated up to reach the normal startup temperature (this process generally lasts for about 2 hours), increase the speed of the host from 0 to 6 rpm, and turn it until the current of the host decreases from high to stable (usually in 40-50A), then feed

(2)After the raw materials are extruded normally, after the stopped materials are extruded normally, the speed should be slowly increased to make the main machine reach the normal start-up speed, and the main machine current can also reach the normal plasticizing current (according to experience, generally 80 machine The current of the main machine is controlled at 105-115A). After all the stopped materials in the mold are extruded, go to the next step.

3. Set by the setting table and pulled by the tractor:
Put the traction rope in advance, press one part of the traction rope under the rubber roller of the tractor, and place the other end on the front end of the setting die, and the traction rope is kept in the middle of the rubber roller and the setting die.

After the normal raw materials are all ejected, use a knife to dig a small hole in the middle of the material, tie the traction rope to the material, open the tractor at the same time, and let the traction rope slowly pull the material belt into the setting mold. At the same time, it is not possible to press down the setting table, properly adjust the traction speed, and at the same time properly increase the speed of the host and the feeding speed. The final speed of the host and the feeding speed need to be determined according to the thickness of the equipment and the product.

After the material belt enters the tractor, when the speed of the host and the speed of the feed reaches the normal speed, and the raw material is plasticized normally, place the pads measured in advance at the four corners of each sizing die.Slowly move the setting table forward so that the setting table and the mold are close to each other. By raising and lowering the first section of the setting mold, that is, slowly pressing the first section of the setting mold to the working position (that is, after overwhelming the block position), and immediately put the first section of the setting mold. Section stereotypes rise.Repeat this process until the pressed board finds the tractor, speed up the pulling speed appropriately, make the thickness of the board slightly thinner, and slowly press down the first section of the setting die, until the board can be pulled normally and there is no stuck, indicating Traction normally, and press all the four-section stereotypes to the working position in turn. At this time, the surface of the board is definitely not smooth, reduce the traction speed appropriately, let the thickness of the board gradually increase, and slowly fill the inner cavity of the stereotyped mold, the surface begins to gradually flatten and begins to crust. When most of the foam board is flat, and there are only a few places where there are ripples or unevenness, adjust the mold gap appropriately, and appropriately enlarge the corresponding mold gap position at the concave point (the convex point is the use of If the thickness is too large after the caliper measurement), the corresponding mold position should be appropriately made smaller, and it will change after five or six minutes. Measure and check in time.

4.Cutting machine cutting:
After the thickness of the product is normal and stable, open the cutting edges on both sides, and adjust the length of the product for cross-cutting.

Measure the size of the cut product in time, and it needs to be re-measured every time the machine is turned on. The measurement contents include: the length of both sides, the width, and the length of the diagonal. Taking the size of 915×1830 as an example, the deviation of the diagonal line should not exceed 5mm. If the deviation of the diagonal line is too large, the position of the cutting machine needs to be adjusted to correct the deviation.

5. Automatic stacking: This is to set the length of the board, and the system will handle it automatically.

Notes: During the operation, workers should pay attention to personal safety to prevent scalding, crushing, crushing and other problems.

PVC foam board line operate11

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