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Prestressed bellows plastic metal corrugated pipe machine


Qingdao cuishi plastic machinery co.,ltd is focus on the prestress pipe extruder line making , we have single screw extruder line , double screw extruder line
Our workshop for HDPE PVC Prestressed Spiral Corrugated Pipe machine
The Prestress concrete plastic corrugated pipe for strands ( HDPE PVC Prestressed Spiral Corrugated Pipe machine ) we use the high efficient extruder , special mould design and strong wind refrigeration system and panasonic compressor to keep the cooling water recycling with 5-10 degree , no need to install chiller and cooling tower again , save workshop space and Eco-friendly
Also we supply the double screw extruder with hot mixer system to use the pvc powder with calcium powder or recycling pp pe to reduce the pipe cost.

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Prestressed plastic corrugated pipe machine

Prestressed plastic corrugated pipe machine

Prestressed plastic corrugated pipe machine

SJSZ80/156 conical double sprial pipe machine

The following pictures are our machine for sjsz65/132 conical twin screw extruder line
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The below picture is our vacuum cooling tank , it can control the cooling water within 5-10 degree and reach the best cooling effect and improve the pipe intensity and production speed
Now we can reach 3-4m.min for prestressed pipe machine
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According to the market need , we also research and develop the double head design
We use the SJSZ80/156 conical twin screw extruder with Siemens PLC control system
Double sprial mould and double hauling off and cutter machine , speed can reach 6-8m.min
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Product Description
Plastic corrugated pipe
Round Flat HDPE/PVC Plastic Bridge Prestressed Post Tensioning Corrugated Pipe for Concrete

Plastic corrugated pipe is uesd for post tension concrete structure to making channels for pre stressing strands
It has the following characters:
1) good high corrosion fatigue limit.provide protection for strands
2) better physical property,none electric conductive,perfect sealed ,no rusty
3) less friction loss during tension course

ID OD Thickness
50 - 160 66-177 2.0/2.5/3.0

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Product Description
Diameter: 20/25/32/40/50/65/80/100/125/150/175/200/250/300mm
Pressure: S2 & S8
Color: Black
OEM of sizes and colors are available.
Plastic Corrugated Pipe Cable Pipe Sprial Pipe is used in:
1) Cable & Wire Protection Tube;
2) Water System;
3) Products Packaging;

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Plastic Corrugated Pipe Cable Pipe Sprial Pipe has the features of:
1) Cheaper cost;
2) Strong and Flexible;
3) Resistance to ground instability;
4) Resistance to corrosion;
5) Easy installation.
The below picture is the single screw extruder line



Post time: May-21-2022