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Qingdao Cuishi Plastic Machinery is a leading manufacturer of PE Pipe Line  and PVC Pipe Line machinery. Our products are designed to meet the highest standards of quality, safety and reliability. We have an extensive range of pipe extrusion lines for producing PE pipes with different diameters, wall thicknesses and lengths. Our machines are equipped with advanced features such as automatic cutting systems, vacuum calibration tanks and adjustable cooling water levels for precise production control.

Pe pipe line test video 110-315mm

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Our PE Pipe Lines come in various sizes to suit your requirements. They can be used to produce pipes ranging from small diameter up to 16mm  in diameter at speeds up to 20m.min or higher depending on the product specifications. The lines also feature advanced technologies such as filtration systems, high speed mixers and automatic temperature controls that ensure uniform plasticization throughout the process cycle. This ensures consistent quality output every time you use our machines. 


The usage of our PE Pipe Lines is wide-ranging; they can be used in applications including gas pipelines, water supply networks, sewage disposal networks etc., where long-lasting piping is required for reliable operations over extended periods of time without compromising on quality or performance parameters . Our machines provide excellent operational stability even under extreme conditions like high pressure or extreme temperatures making them ideal for most industrial applications involving plastic pipe production.

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PP PE net pipe line

hdpe pipe extruder


PVC garden hose lines are a great choice for gardening because they are lightweight, durable, and resistant to corrosion. They also don’t kink easily, so it’s easy to move them around the garden without worrying about tangles or knots.


Pvc steel wire reinforced pipe machine

flexbile hose extruder machine 


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